Inno64 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 “HKS” JTC 1992

Some cars are legends. The Nissan GT-R R32 is one of them. I won’t say again that Gran Turismo scope is a main factor (there, I’ve said it), but racing history and track records are too. In this case, I believe this is both.

HKS livery (famous Japanese tuning parts manufacturer), combined with a legendary car, a legendary name, a legendary championship (JTCC) and an ultra photogenic livery in green and black : it works !

Plus, that must be said, an excellent execution.

Inno standards are here. What excites me the most in this car is the interior. It gets so much attention that you’re wondering if you are still with a 1/64 modelcar. It really reminds me Spark models (I mean the 1/43 scale line, their 1/64 cars don’t even rival, being more toys).

You can spot a whole white paint job including the roll cage, and details of the mold of the floor. They even put a sticker “Powered by HKS” on the dashboard ! No, this is serious. Really serious.

This HKS livery might not be the most famous one, it is thought ultra nice to shoot it. Plus, other brands like Hot Wheels did replicate the more common HKS livery in black/purple/green. I love the idea of more obscure liveries in my collection. Speaking of liveries and GT-R R32, I hope they plan the early 1992 JTC HKS Kenji livery (that should please our UK writer Diecast13, that had a look at some liveries of GT-R R32 here).

I hope the pics will motivate you completing your GT-R collection. Cheers.


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