Review : Inno64 Honda Civic EF9 BYE BYE POLICE and Nissan R32 Pandem MADMOTOR

Here are 2 very exciting news and special models from Inno64, they were kind to send over for a review. I thought these 2 would be cool highlighted together, as they are special models.

The Honda Civic EF9 with Kanjo Police Car Livery was displayed at the Osaka Auto Messe 2020, and the car actually exists (photo below). It is a car of No Good Racing Team. The Inno64 replica is really close to reality, from what I can judge based on the photos of the show, and is part of the JDM collection. In some way, it is a special edition. You can easily find some on eBay here.

It is the first police car (of course unofficial) by Inno and I am sure they had a lot of fun replicating this cool custom. The details are what you can except from the Inno brand, with accuracy in the tampo, the correct stance of the car, or the light bar and the thin antenna. They managed to replicate the power cords on the roof, just next to the flashing lights. The execution is very fine. And if you wonder why the lights are in this old yellow fashion, well it’s because the 1:1 car is! This is fore sure a replica of a very JDM car, you won’t see everywhere. I’m happy to have one in the collection.

The other car is a special edition Nissan Pandem R32 MADMOTOR of the drifting queen Echo Gao. This is a Carloverdiecast special edition. How cool is this collaboration model ? I have featured on the blog that the Pandem R32 is a really nice casting already, but it’s really cool to see it coming in a special edition so fast. Find some on eBay too just here.

I’m not particularly aware of what Madmotor is, neither who Echo Gao was, but I love when diecast teaches me something. A clue can be watched just here :

Well, the lady seems to have drift skills for sure! About the 1/64 replica, what jumped out at me is the difference type of wheels from the car and the replica. The 1:1 wheels are white, and ultra aggressive, being over the wheel arches. I assume the body of the 1:64 R32 tooling couldn’t endure this. Besides that, the replica is fine. The painting is super cool, with the grey and green matching very well. Note the green roll cage.

The particularity of the Carloverdiecast edition is the base, with it’s ultra premium look (it’s a kind of aluminum reflecting base, which is heavier than standard bases). Once again, it’s really appreciable when you display your cars with the base into your display case or walls. I also love the Echo Gao signature on the right angle.

All in all, these special editions are nice pieces I really like ; I also like put them together. I’m sure the Inno team had a lot of fun while developing it, so why not have some fun too with some photos ? If you note that my photos are a little more dark than usual, it’s kind of normal, as I really retouched them to try something different, and make a more urban look to it. I’ve also made a kind of smoke tires, enjoy!


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  1. Those wheels on the R32 are the only thing that’s stopping me from getting the car. If it’s a replica of an actual race car, why can’t they do it properly?

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