Dirt don’t slow you down – Schuco Porsche 911 Turbo Magnus Walker

A renowned European diecast maker with fantastic models, and one of the modern kings of automotive cool and one of his equally killer creations. Collaborations don’t get much cooler than this.

When Schuco teased an upcoming tie up with Magnus Walker, I knew this would be a big hit. And I knew from the Mint Ice Green exactly which 911 out of the Urban Outlaw stable Schuco had picked to replicate. This stunning 1975 930 Turbo.

It’s a gorgeous car, those subtle changes from stock mean it’s one of the coolest 930s I’ve set eyes on. And it’s perfect opportunity for Schuco to use the already brilliant 930 casting and add a twist, one that will have collectors rushing for the “add to cart” buttons.

The Urban Outlaw additions start with the refresh of the Schuco box we all know so well. The whole package looks brilliant.

On the model itself the Outlaw treatments are the Union Jack decal, the matt black stripes and the blackest wheels I’ve ever seen on a diecast. They seem to pull all the light towards them!

It’s a seriously cool model, and the aforementioned Mint Ice Green looks wonderful in 1/64. Schuco have always done a great job with paint, and this is no exception. All the usual Schuco traits are there: the fine details, the sharp decals, the weight, and the ability to roll all of it easily across your desk. I have run out of hyperbole for Schuco diecast really! I hope the pictures can do the talking….

In a diecast world seemingly awash with RWB cars (for better or worse…) this is a nice change, and I really hope to see some more Schuco + Urban Outlaw tie ups coming soon. Anyone that has seen the company’s Instagram feed recently will know that they’re now expanding deeper into the world of modfied cars and strong tie ups with Tarmac Works are on the cards…

And long may these tie-ins last. If this 930 is anything to go by, good times are coming.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up on this way-cool 911. It inspired me to purchase it from the Shuco website. That is, until I saw the shipping cost. Twenty-eight Euros to ship from Germany to Oregon. Hopefully, one will show up on eBay with better rates.

    1. Good luck my man, I know Schuco appear often on ebay. I embedded some links in the text, there was on for sale when I wrote the article, not sure if it’s still there…

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