Lamley daily : Hobby Japan Honda Integra Type R

Model: Honda Integra Type R DC2 1998

Release: Hobby Japan 1/64

Ebay Link : Honda Integra Type R

Hobby Japan … A newcomer in the 1/64 premium world, quite discreet, but prolific. They belong to the Post Hobby machine, and they own the Mark43 brand, which makes very nice and detailed 1/43 cars. As often, Japanese manufacturers are badly distributed out of Japan, and prices tend to go high on the secondary market. Thought I don’t have any idea of how many cars are produced (I assume many, because of the lot of variations they offer at each release).

The quality is good, the car is low as it is supposed to be, the transparent headlights are present on the front and the rear, the rims ok, with detailed brake disks and calipers. The mirrors are fine too, with reflective, and the interior is correct too. I would place it just under Inno64 in term of execution, being said they are in the same price range.

I love the white base and the inscription Type R on it. As I have already said on the blog, those minicars are very neat, but rather strict. It reminds me Kyosho diecast minicars, but with a 2020 treatment.

Anyway, I wish I could have more Hobby Japan to review, but the distribution is not very good, specially if you live in Europe. I’ll try my best to show more from this manufacturer. Do you want to see more from Hobby Japan 1/64 ?



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