My last parcel with AutoWorld, Schuco, Greenlight and Mini GT, from France …

As many have understood now, I live in France, and being a 1:64 diecast collector in that country is not always easy. Indeed, higher scales like 1/43 and 1/18 are well established, and 1/64 is often considered as toys. More than 90% of my collection is imported, from Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, sometimes USA, Germany, Spain and the UK. But I must admit there is channel for French collectors that must be really considered. It is from an eBay store called Quinazland. The shop is offering a large variety of US diecast mainly, and you can find AutoWorld from time to time, Greenlight, M2 Machines, Hot Wheels like Car Culture sets, or Mijo Exclusives and any more. Prices are reasonable, such as shipping, and please remember the import fees and shipping for the seller.

That’s where my latest US diecast parcel is from, and I wanted to share it with you, especially for French readers.

I’ve ordered the very recent AMC Matador from Greenlight Hot Pursuit series, it’s a new casting I like.

I’ve assorted it with a Dodge Coronet from the Hobby Hobby Hobby Exclusive series. I love the car and the combo color / light bar, and I assume it is inspired of a famous TV show I’m not familiar with.

I own some with different front grills, and variations from Coronet, Fury, Monaco …

I’ve also taken the 2 massive AutoWorld Buick Estate Wagon, being a completist on that casting. It’s my 10th Buick Estate, and I think I’m up to date. It is a so big car that it doesn’t fit into my display.

You see how big (and scaled) the Buick is compared to the T3 in the back

Let’s welcome a Schuco model the seller also proposes in the eBay store. It’s a Volkswagen T3 van Camper Joker, in a very special brown color with tan maroon interior. It’s very cubic and German like, but the execution is super nice. It matches my previous one in yellow, that wasn’t with the high roof.

Finally, I’ve ordered the Mini GT Porsche 911 GT2 RS in white, already out in the US through the Mijo Exclusive channel (and not in retailers in Europe yet). A casting I like for sure, and I still have my plan to fill the Mercedes-Benz Actros Car Carrier with only Porsche 911 GT2 RS (I hope many other colors will arrive from Mini GT).

That’s it for this parcel from Quinazland, and I have en route 2 other ones, with the promising Ford Escort Cosworth by Greenlight. Can’t wait!

Cheers, and thank you as always for the reading!


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  1. A great selection there. I must admit my experience of finding 1:64 in France has been very positive, huge choice of brands such as Majorette, Norev, Welly and Maisto for example and far FAR better than the situation here in the UK.

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