Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 RTR-X (plus bonus Johnny Lightning Mustang)

Model: ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Line: Hot Wheels 2020 Mainline, #210/250

Why it’s in my collection: If you’ve seen the ’69 RTR-X Mustang in real life, then you’ll know it definitely needs to be in your Hot Wheels collection. This full custom, specially-built Mustang was concocted for the 2010 SEMA show in coordination with Need for Speed and professional drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. Even though it is a “custom”, words alone can’t fully explain how radically cool this car is.

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For starters, the car is a complete frame-up build. According to a great SpeedHunters article on the car, not one original 1969 part remains: it’s that custom. It has a Dynacorn ’69 Mustang shell attached to an Art Morrison subframe, and rolls on 18in Work Meister wheels, outlined in the car’s signature lime green color.

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The RTR-X is powered by a special Ford 5.0L 302R crate motor pumping out over 400hp – which may not seem like a lot by today’s Hellcat and ZR1 standards, but for the 3,160lb Mustang, it does juuuust fine. Besides the unique black-and-lime-green paint job, the most recognizable feature on the car is undoubtedly the individual Kinsler throttle bodies poking through that beefy hood. Is there anything sexier than individual throttle bodies on a car?!

Hot Wheels nailed the look of the car, especially for $1. While the car lacks the physical injection stacks, it does have tampo versions of them (screen detailing included). I’m hoping for a premium version with the full stacks…but the mainline version still looks solid.

The hood striping, pin detail, and lime fog lights look spectacular on the car. The retro slotted wheels are a nice touch too.

While this is the first official version of the RTR-X in 1/64th scale, Johnny Lightning snuck a RTR-X-ish Mustang into their Forever 64 line around 2010. While the JL version is a 1970, you can clearly see some RTR-X influence in the design. The wheels on the JL car are fantastic and would look great swapped on the HWs version.

Whether you’re a fan of drifting, Vaughn Gittin Jr., or Mustangs in general, the ’69 Mustang RTR-X is a solid buy and a great addition to any 1/64th scale collection….even if you’re a Chevy guy like me. 🏁

Unboxing video:

6 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 RTR-X (plus bonus Johnny Lightning Mustang)”

    1. I second that! It seems like a full Ken Block/Hoonigan line is well past due! The new Hoonigan gasser and this RTR car does give me hope too. The Hooni-truck is a bucket list car!

  1. Nice write up!
    I found only one VG Jr. Stang in the wild (actually, robbed one out of an unopened 72 box in Target) and ended up giving it to my son! I did find two more, so those are mine.. haven’t seen anymore!

    My son & I met Vaughn at a little local drift exhibition at a Ford dealer few years ago, here in MD. I never even knew he was from MD back then. Vaughn was very, very personable.. down to Earth & never pretentious! He posed w/my son for a photo & was willing without hesitation! He’s not your typical untouchable celebrity.

    The ’69 was at that dealership exhibition for display ONLY. Man, what an awesome ride, AWESOME!
    He did have a late model competition Stang on hand to rip up! We’ve been to two appearances, but unfortunately.. the dealer hasn’t invited him back since they put money into a total makeover!
    But to see that ’69 up close was awesome as hell and yeah.. I would love to have a beer or four with Mr Gitting Jr. .. he’s that cool!

    Anyhow.. I really hope they do a premium version of that Boss Mustang.. it would be a disappointment if they never do one!

  2. The lack of physical velocity stacks just disappoints. Hot Wheels could have come up with a whole new casting like how they did with the 1965-based Custom Corvette Stingray, complete with the wider flares and all, but nope.

  3. For a $1.00 car it’s great, but honestly Mattel is unable (in any line) to lay down black paint without debris in the paint. Good write up!

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