Breaking out the Big Rigs

I am minding my P’s and Q’s. (I have no idea if I spelled that right, what it means, and if that phrase is even a thing these days, but I wrote it anyway.)

Collecting does some require some discipline, and limits, and occasionally going without. Limits can be financial, spacial, mental, you name it, but you have to pay attention to them and require them.

I want to collect 1/64 semi trucks. I can’t. I can have a few, but I have instituted limits. So I am really bummed I discovered First Gear. The limits will be tested.

I have been fine with the occasional rig from Tomica Limited Vintage. They are not released that often so I don’t feel overwhelmed when I add one. The same goes for MiniGT and their Actros cab. But First Gear? Rigs is all they do, and they do it really really well.

I am curious who among the Lamley crowd collects First Gear. If you do, I want to see your collection. Tag me on IG, or email me (, or whatever. Just show me your setup.

I pulled out all the 1/64 trucks I have to welcome the First Gear to the collection, and of course I filmed it. These look good together, and maybe there will be more. But limits.

2 Replies to “Breaking out the Big Rigs”

  1. Love the big rig because of your website I purchased the big rig from first gear. I have been collecting Hotwheels for many years now and have lost interest. It’s nice to find something new. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  2. If you’re interested in pre-1970s, 1/64 commercial trucks, American Highway Legends cannot be beat~
    The detail is typically equal-to-or-better-than older Ertl vehicles, and the piece-prices for these models are very reasonable, probably because they were made in decently large quantities for being a niche collector category. I’ve given some of the “vintage advertising” liveried trucks as gifts, too; they never fail to get a, “Where the heck did you find this? / This is SO COOL!” response from friends and family~

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