Tomica RAV4 return with the Fire Command Suzuki Hustler

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A comprehensive release for Tomica this month after some disruption in June and July with some fantastic Tomica Premium batch including these Redbox release with the arrival of Toyota RAV4.

No.106 Suzuki Hustler

The Suzuki Hustler has always been a regular appearance. It first appear in 2014 together with a First Color release and some 2014 mainline color which can still be found in our retail stores! Although its not a fancy or popular casting, that doesn’t deter Tomica from releasing more Suzuki Hustler in various categories and box-sets.

This fire command Hustler gives me an impression that it is fun and zippy very similar to the No.14 Suzuki Jimny Redbox release last year. At the scale of 1/58 it is pretty huge and far from the standard 1/64 range given its original petite size, it sits well with the rest of the castings by comparison. Details are above average given its a mainline with painted headlights, standard suspension, button wheels, siren and an opening rear.

This is a light hearted and “stress-free” casting which will probably sit on the retail shelves for a while but a nice variety to add on to your Tomica fire fighting vehicle collection.

No.81 Toyota RAV4 with First Color

The latest Toyota RAV4 is a highly anticipated casting among collectors with the very first Redbox release in 1995 about the same time when Toyota RAV4 makes it debut. No Redbox variants releases thereafter with several box-sets over the years that are now retired and hard to reach.

At the scale of 1/66 its a huge and heavy casting with fairly impressive details on the front such as plastic headlights, grill and a sharp looking Toyota badge. I like the color choices of both castings but I will prefer the gray version to be in matt finish as opposed to gloss for a more rugged feel for this compact crossover SUV. The RAV4 in blue which is a limited color run gives a more premium and recreational lifestyle feel. Both castings comes with standard racing wheels with opening rear to the joy of many Tomica collectors.

The RAV4 is definitely one of the better looking casting so far for the 2020 release with nice proportion and scale which looks great in photography and a great addition to your collection.

Find Tomica 81 RAV4 on eBay

Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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