Lamley Daily : Spark Bentley Continental GT3

Model: Bentley Continental GT3 2017

Line: Spark model (Sparky 1/64)

eBay link: Bentley Continental GT3 Spark

Why this car is in the collection ? Because I’m a Spark collector, I love Bentley cars and I am a fan of GT3 racing. 3 good reasons to add a Bentley GT3 in the displays.

This one in red is a 24H of Nurburgring version from 2017. I love the paint scheme, which is quite simple but the red matches quite well with the black, and the yellow lights.

We can admire the Union Jack and bulldog on the side of the spoiler.

Spark 1/64 are quite close to the Kyosho versions, and very much easy to find. They are about the same size, and get the same finish, except that you have a full deco and sponsor livery for that price.

The Bentley GT3 is a very cool little theme of collection, because Spark released many versions (for more pictures, go have a look at my previous article on Bentley 1/64).


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