Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Peugeot 505

Model: Peugeot 505

Release: Hot Wheels 1983 Mainline

Ebay Link: Hot Wheels Peugeot 505

Why I am featuring it: I love some of the more obscure Hot Wheels models from the Black Wall era. This car was released in two colors in the US. The first was in 1982 in blue. The second was this 1983 release in gold. After that, it was shelved in the US but had a couple of subsequent releases in Europe, Mexico, and Canada. The casting is very basic with no graphics. However, it has some nice details created by how it is constructed. The headlights are metal and are part of the base. The bumpers and grill are plastic and part of the interior piece. It is an interesting little piece and exactly what I like when it comes to old Hot Wheels.

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