Is Bugatti & Mini GT a perfect pair? Yes, and it is happening.

I like those “wait, what!?!?!” moments in our hobby:

“Hot Wheels is doing a Prelude.”

“Matchbox is doing the first gen Civic.”

“Auto World is doing the Supra.”

They happen frequently these days, and it is always exciting to see what the next “wait, what!?!?!” moment will be. The biggest for me was when Tomica Limited Vintage announced it was taking on classic Ferraris. It required a triple take. The “wait, what!?!?!” moments are not just surprises, but perfect pairings. TLV doing the TLV thing to classic Ferraris was most welcome, with the level of detail, craftmanship, and execution in each model. It was the right brand to take on the sacred Ferrari.

That totally applies to the latest “wait what!?!?!” moment: Mini GT has the Bugatti license. As lead in a rom-com might say when proposed to at the culminating moment of the movie, “Yes, Yes! A thousand times YES!!”

Mini GT dropped the news a couple of weeks ago:

It fits, and fits well. Mini GT is quickly establishing itself as the supercar go-to brand in 1/64, and Bugatti is a no-brainer. It will start with the Vision GT this year, followed by a multitude of Chirons: Pur Sport, Super Sport 300+, DIVO, and Centodieci.

I just simply can’t wait for these, and judging by what Mini GT has done in its short life so far, the payoff will be great.

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  1. For the realism at the price point of their cars… can’t beat it. Love that they are starting off with the craziest of all the Bugatti’s in the Vision GT. Been dying to have a 1:64 version of this car and almost bought on Taiwan 7-Eleven versions of the car many times. Definitely glad I waited patiently.

  2. Nice preview, but don’t keep your hopes high. MINI GT always teases us with a lot of new models, but they have not made many of their models they had promised back in 2018. Besides their releases are always delayed even before Covid. I used to think that this was because of licensing but its not, because TSM models have already released many of those models such as the Ford GT, ZR1, Maserati, DBS Supperleggera, Vulcan, etc n 1/43 scale so I don’t know what the deal is because 1/43 is a lot harder to make than 1/64 yet they have already been made and sold. They say 2020 but it is most definitely to going to be near 2021 or 2022 or not at all. MiniGT just shows a lot but they don’t release any new models and I don’t want to rant about the gazillion GT-Rs they made. Overall, my advise is to take their teaser with a grain of salt.

  3. These are gorgeous! I don’t currently collect Mini GT. What do they generally retail for? Is there a standard retail price or do they vary by model? Where would one buy these?

    1. Kinda depends on the model really. The first ones I got were the McLaren Senna and the Paris Auto Show Civic Type R (which is covered in manga/woodcut tampo graphics). Both cost about $15 including shipping, and $10-30 including shipping seems the going rate unless you get into exclusives. But there are outliers: my Hong Kong Exclusive Macau GP NSX ended up costing about $12~

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