Lamley Daily: Kyosho Ferrari Dino 246 GT

Model: Ferrari Dini 246 GT (orange)

Release: Kyosho Minicar Collection VII

ebay link: Kyosho Ferrari Dino

Why it is in the collection : Just love the Dino 246 GT. The color is just so nice, so 1970’s. I’ve always thought that Kyosho Ferrari Minicar Collection VII was the BEST collection they ever made. Stunning models, choices, colors, toolings.

So far, my opinion is that this “old” Kyosho minicar is as good as the recent Tomica Limited Vintage release. I don’t care much about opening parts, so the TLV is not much for me. In addition, I have 5 colors of this Kyosho minicar.

One of my favorite Kyoshi Ferrari for sure.

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