Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels ’85 Honda CR-X

Model: ’85 Honda CR-X

Release: Hot Wheels 2012 The Hot Ones

Ebay link: Hot Wheels Hot Ones Honda CR-X

Why I am featuring it: What a debut release for this casting! This thing looks wild! The Hot Ones series was a really cool nod to the Hot Ones from the 80s. The graphics and colors on these cars are retro and they look awesome. There are a lot of nice castings that were used and this is one of the best from the series. The tooling itself is really cool in how it is designed. The bottom half of the body is part of the interior piece allowing it to be two-toned. Also, it has headlights that are part of the clear window piece giving them a premium look. And, the chrome and red color scheme paired with the gold Ultra Hot wheels really make this car stand out. It’s over the top and I love it.

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  1. I still own my first car…a 1985 CRX Si. Only driven 60,000 miles so far…the car is all original (except for the Tokiko Illumina adjustable struts underneath, and better tires)…never driven in snow, rarely driven in rain…an early Sunday morning fun car for tearing through the canyons, leaving my troubles and the cops far behind.

    So I was very happy when HW did this car in the same red/silver as my own real car…even though the engine in my car is under the hood in the front, where Honda put it. 😉

    Still, I was envious of the owners of gen 2 CRXs, because the Hot Wheels model of their car was pure stock and was extremely faithful to the real thing, and not a fantasy mid-engined version like the HW gen 1 model.

    Can’t win ’em all!


  2. Nice casting, but the chrome interior and lower half are, as Championdjk put it, “over the top”. I’ve never been a fan of the Hot Ones wheels either. I much prefer a more realistic look. For me, I’d say this casting looked best in it’s 2018 release in the Honda-themed exclusive series that sadly never made it to the Walmarts in my area.

  3. As others said, I was glad that HW has finally given the CRX some attention. I own an ’86. I don’t love this casting because it is so heavily customized. I am still glad to have all the versions of this one. Maybe this leaves the door open for Matchbox to make a stock version of the 1st Gen CRX.

  4. I’d love it if they did a stock 1st gen CRX! This wouldn’t have to be from Matchbox though. Hot Wheels did a fantastic job with a stock 2nd gen, so why not tackle the 1st gen as well?

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