Single File: Matchbox Pontiac Vibe

Welcome to the first of a new series of features called “Single File.”

The rule is simple: The vehicle featured must be a licensed model that is done in 1/64 scale by only one brand.

At first thought, this might seem like a daunting task as there are many diecast brands that overlap coverage of the most popular cars/trucks. But as you look through your collection you might find that there are a lot of cars that only got the 1/64 scale love from one brand.

This should be a fun series where we will get to see some of the more peculiar 1/64 scale releases.

We will probably get it wrong from time to time and unintentionally break the rule, but I am sure you will let us know and we hope you enjoy some of these lonely models.

For this first feature, we are going to take a look at the closest thing in 1/64 scale to my daily driver.

This Matchbox casting is a first-gen Pontiac Vibe GT. I actually drive a silver 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT which is a second-gen but this is the closest I can get. It is kind of an odd car to think would be desirable to 1/64 scale collectors but a quick eBay search will reveal that these do not come up all that often at a bargain price.

Matchbox released this car eight times from 2003-2010. Five of the eight releases were in themed 5-packs and had wacky graphics. One of the releases was in the 2003 Matchbox mainline and the two that you see here were from releases that were more premium.

The black one is from the 2004 Superfast series and looks great with realistic deco. The silver one was also released in 2004 and is from the “Matchbox Collectibles Showcase Series.” It has rubber tires, full deco and it looks the most like my real car.

All in all, these are two good looking models. As far as I know, no other brand did a 1/64 scale version of this car. Furthermore, I don’t think that anyone has done its sister car, the Toyota Matrix (The Vibe/Matrix was a joint venture by GM and Toyota).

Toyota produced a version of the Vibe for the Japanese domestic market called the Voltz so maybe we’ll see a Tomica Limited Vintage Neo release?

It would also be cool to see someone do the second-gen Vibe GT, but I sure I am one of the few that would be excited about it… or maybe not.

(Matchbox Pontiac Vibe on ebay)

10 Replies to “Single File: Matchbox Pontiac Vibe”

  1. I learned to drive standard on a black 2009 Vibe with the speedy 2.4 Camry engine, and my dad is still driving that car today. He shipped it over to Europe where it lives with him now. Good thing everything except the body on these is made by Toyota, otherwise it probably wouldn’t have lasted this long!

      1. Cool! They are pretty unique cars. Hopefully you haven’t had any issues with oil burning. Apparently that’s a notorious issue with the 2.4 engine from that era.

    1. No clue. I’ve had this one for a while now. One of my friends gave it to me. I haven’t really searched for it in a long time.

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