Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt ’92 Ford Mustang

Model: ’92 Ford Mustang

Release: Hot Wheels 2019 Super Treasure Hunt

Ebay Link: Hot Wheels 92 Mustang Super TH

Why I am featuring it: Why I am featuring it: Literally the color is why I am featuring it. It is beautiful. The casting is a desirable one as well. Fox-body Mustangs are undoubtedly popular. Hot Wheels has put out a couple of Fox’s throughout the years. This one could easily be confused with the ‘84 Mustang SVO tooling that debuted in the 2012 Hot Ones series and was also in the Red Line Club exclusive Car Culture set. The ‘92 tooling debuted in the Modern Classics Series in 2008 and has been released several times since. The Modern Classics versions are cool but in my opinion, this Super Treasure Hunt is the best looking version so far (the regular ain’t bad either).

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  1. This is one of those models that really needs front and rear detailing to break up the body colour. With no inserts from other pieces to form bumpers, grilles or lights, the car ends up looking like a bit of a blob without the tampos.

    That said, the Spectraflame aqua and the chrome Real Riders do make this one pop.

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