Review of the insane MINI GT Mercedes-Benz Actros with Car Carrier Trailer

This is something. A solid piece. And above all a really good surprise.

(Mini GT Mercedes Actros on ebay)

I love when diecast surprises me. To be honest, I did not except much about this truck and this car carrier trailer. I already had the Mercedes-Benz Actros with container from the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2020, and was very convinced. A pretty rare piece though. The truck is heavy, very well detailed and scaled.

In fact I was considering that the car carrier trailer would bring diversity and would be a perfect companion to the first one. Two trucks, two styles, two trailers.

So, did not expect too much. I knew the cab was good, but I had this bad hunch that the trailer was not good. Oh man, how wrong was I.

Indeed, I was totally mistaking, thinking it was all plastic. Photos did not reveal it was metal, neither Mini GT communication, or even some YouTube videos I checked at the time !

So you metal fans don’t hesitate a second, this is a very heavy piece. Of course not as much as the big metal container, but it is really enjoyable.

As you can see, there is no problem to load 6 cars, even if they are big. Though I don’t think I can put 6 big Bentley’s limos on it.

This beast is scaled and that’s what I like. It is clearly a collection piece for adult collectors. It is fragile, even if made of metal, one of the black barriers on the top broke when I was manipulating it (no worries though, I glued it back).

It is also full of cool little details, really making the model, and making it worth for your money. The price is high (about $70-$80), but Mini GT did a nice work.

The cab is a Mercedes-Benz Actros 1851 European style (in fact, a truck we are absolutely used to see on European roads and in France), while the trailer would be a Hong Kong one (not sure about it, I did not find anything convincing).

The truck gets very high detailed mirrors, whippers, hydraulic cable, separate pieces for headlights … so nice to see.

And don’t think this metallic grey color fades the chrome details of the grille, logo and wheels. It’s outshining.

It is impossible not to play with it, with its turning front wheels and functional rear ramps. Mini GT really considered this truck as a highly collectable piece. A toy for adult collectors.

The cars are brightly blocked by little pieces of metal at the end of the trailer, and tires are wedged in little holes. I particularly love the rear of the car getting beyond of the trailer. So realistic.

The bottom row is also lowered for the car to be hold. On the top, you can see those black barriers, fragile but metal made. If they brake, you just have to glue it.

While shooting this trailer, I also put the Toy Fair version in the studio so prepare to a salve of photos !

All in all, this Mini GT Mercedes-Benz Car Carrier Trailer is totally worth it and totally got me. I don’t regret it at all, and I highly suggest you to get one before prices grow up (it is already sold out in hobby dealers in France).

(Mini GT Mercedes Actros on ebay)

And when you are striking with space in displays, like me, it frees you 6 spots !!!

I hope you liked this Mini GT review, and as usual don’t hesitate to check my other articles and my Instagram account @guillaumewillpics. Cheers.

Oh, in case you wonder, this black Mercedes Evo2 is an Error404 resin model.

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  1. The only thing I would ask for is a real F1/LMP-style racing team transporter that works just like the real thing and has interchangeable panels depending on what manufacturer is featured. I reckon THAT will be a blockbuster hit.

  2. I think this one absolutely justifies the hype and price. Probably the most surprising model of 2020, especially the tractor itself.

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