Lamley Daily: Matchbox ”White Adlar” Scraper

Model: Matchbox MB745 Scraper

Release: 2008 MB58 basic range

eBay link: The actual White Adlar variation is extremely hard to come by, but here are all the Scraper listings.

Why is it in the collection: The 1 year chase

This is one of those rarities that when you discover they are out there, you realize they are not any longer. The year was 2008. Batch F of the year arrived in May that year, and with it came a brand new casting in the way of the Matchbox Originals Scraper. I picked up an example in the UK, and later found a nice shade on it. But a few months after it first appeared, it was pointed out that the very first batch, which appeared on long card in USA, had the word “Adlar” on the side in white. I checked mine, and sure enough, no white printing, just hollowed out showing the yellow paint underneath. The hunt began.

And it proved fruitless. People in USA were busy checking every example they could find, but these things were rare. Nobody was finding them anywhere. A few collectors had lucked out in finding one, but none were for sale or trade. These were keepers for anybody who found one. The 2008 series finished, and 2009 had rolled in, and I was still missing this one.

I was determined to find it though. I’m like a dog with a bone sometimes. Keep my ear to the ground and hope for some good fortune. Eventually the rumbles in the ground came my way.

It was actually the “LAM” to my “LEY” in The Lamley Group who had a lead. John later confirmed he had one for me. I was eager to get it. However, there was one thing. He kept me waiting until the 2009 Matchbox Gathering in Albuquerque to present me with the model at the Friday meet and greet.

Yeah, bit of nostalgia. This is me finally receiving the elusive White Adlar Scraper in Albuquerque NM in July 2009, some 14 months after the model was released. Talking of which….

Say goodbye to the packaging little White Adlar Scraper.

It never made it out of the meet and greet in one piece.

That particular year+ long hunt was over. Many still continue, but I have good memories of that particular one. It is always great to have a satisfying conclusion to the hunt. I still remember that feeling of satisfaction (can you tell on my face) finally finishing that hunt.

We never knew the exact reason why the white was deleted off the debut release of the Scraper. I’m sure Michael Heralda has a big smile, as he is always referenced with this model. The white Adlar Scraper. Adlar58 is Michael’s surname backwards, but the first 2 (or last 2 as it ends up) are transposed with their numerical equivalent. Michael was the designer who came up with this particular tampo design. One of well over 5,000 he has made for Mattel.

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  1. I was told that the reason for the white ADLAR removal was because they had trouble lining up the white deco inside the black deco. In the printing world that’s called trapping. They couldn’t hold the trap so they did a running change early on and deleted it and just let the yellow body paint show through the opening. I was there when you ripped that out. I needed CPR after I witnessed that!!!!!!! Still looking for that one myself!

  2. Hi.

    Yes, the feeling of finding the treasure after a long hunt is great. One of the main goals of collecting. I have some hunts of my own hard to finish :).
    I collect mainly Hot Wheels, mainline, started from scratch in 2012, but recently the Matchbox hot rods are a must 🙂
    I follow your blog+youtube for some years, specially for the awesome photos and video presentations.
    Please continue the good work 🙂

    Regards from a Portuguese in Poland.

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