Those 70’s colors

As usual, it started with a vague idea of a theme, which was in this case citrus inspired colors when looking at my Kyosho collection.

One may say that I often share my Kyosho collection, and many posts are Kyosho related, but I must admit it is still today the largest part of my collection with more or less 400 models, and it has such a diversity of cars.

Then I had the click when, comfortably installed in my diecast office chair, I was leafing through my Auto Heroes magazine. The subject was Italian concept cars of 1968-1979, with pep colors in it!

So I had refined my theme : the colors of those Italian 70’s cars!

Without thinking twice, I brought some models in the party.

This post will be essentially based on photos, as it worth a long speech, in my opinion. And those photos speak for themselves. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

And the more I was thinking about it, the more I knew I already read something related to that too … but not in an Auto Heroes issue.

It was in my Petrolicious issue n°1 (I was happy to be able to buy one without being a member). It fulfilled perfectly the theme I was working on. And it made a perfect background for the photos.

Let’s still have a quick overview of the models, as they deserve it.

This strange car is a 1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo, here reduced by Kyosho, which is a typical prototype of the 70’s

It was designed by Marcello Gandini, and was meant to be a total free study, without any consideration of usual obligations of car making. In one word, it is a piece of art.

An original casting for sure, you won’t see everywhere. I think Matchbox did it.

The other Alfa Romeo is the so 70’s Alfa Romeo Montreal (1970-1977), also designed by Marcello Gandini, working in the famous Bertone design center. You can find some easily on eBay.

A total of 3925 cars were produced, and many spirited colors existed, in this pure 70’s fashion.

Of course this car reminds you another famous one … found it ? Yes, the master of the master, one of the most beautiful lines ever designed on earth in my opinion, the Lamborghini Miura. And guess what ? Gandini designed it too!

Orange color, or gold wheels, this car is a Master piece. It’s art. You also can add some really easily in your collection.

Another car also deserves a lot of attention, and it is a well known Ferrari : the Dino 246 GT (1969-1974). Kyosho did an amazing replica of this car (it is an underrated casting, but it is a subject for another time), with a variety of colors I absolutely adore. With 2 reds, it is 6 colors that have been done. And the Ferrari color palette in the 70’s was very provided. I did not found exact official listing, but this website seems register many colors of this cars, if you want to have a look : Ferrari Dino colors.

You bet.

The little Porsche killer is from the famous Kyosho collection 7, which was Kyosho at it’s best, and the car is nearly perfect (stance, look, color, exhausts, bumpers, wheels …).

Blue Ferrari are amazing. Another good subject to come.
I can’t get enough of this car and this casting.

Tomica Limited Vintage has replicated it too, and I don’t have it, because I’m totally in love with the Kyosho casting. Though, I’m really considering getting the GTS version (cab one) in black.

Speaking of Tomica Limited Vintage, you can note some Alfa Romeo GT1300 Junior, GT1600 Junior and 1750 GTV. These castings have already been covered by John here. This little blue one is one of my all time favorite Tomica Limited Vintage for sure.

This colorful article is now over and thank you if you read it till the end.

Have fun and happy collecting while adding colors to your collection !

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  1. What a great take on collecting! Beautiful models, great photos, and loads of color. Kyosho did a remarkable job on these, and you inspired me to start looking for more to add to my collection.

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