Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels California Customs Ferrari Testarossa (1990)

Model: Ferrari Testarossa

Release: Hot Wheels California Customs 1990

Ebay link: Hot Wheels California Customs Ferrari

Why I am featuring it: This is such a cool release. A mirrored finish on a little metal car is commonplace nowadays with Hot Wheels Red Line Club releases. This wasn’t the case when this car was released in 1990. This might be my favorite release of the Ferrari Testarossa casting and it is a casting that I collect. This one is just so cool with its mirrored purple finish and yellow rimmed Real Rider wheels. It has a look that is very appropriate for the early 90s. This was the only variation of the 1990 Cal Customs release, unlike the subsequent California Customs release in 1991 that has many variations.

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  1. Funny.. I had just purchased one of these a week & a half ago from Evilbay!… in original pack for less than $20! (so i doubt you’ll find it cheaper in package, after this feature gets out! 😁).

    I once thought these were the most gaudiest, garish or tackiest HW’s out there.. but man.. strange how your tastes can change!
    This model was posted somewhere and I can’t recall where I saw it, but I thought it had something to do with Easter…
    and I thought.. what a most colorful car to display for Easter time!
    Considering the rarity of Ferrari’s right now, out in production & the fact this is a unique creation, I made the decision to get one for those reasons & because you never know much value or extinction could ensue!

    This one captures the period in which it represents. Nice post!

  2. i have 2 of these and i have several other cal customs mint in the package ive been collecting these and the variations heavily

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