Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Ken Block ’11 Ford Fiesta (Gymkhana III Car)

Model: ’11 Ken Block Ford Fiesta, standard black and alternate white versions

Line: 2011 Hot Wheels New Model, mainline release

Where to get it: eBay has both versions, but they are hot sellers!

Why it’s in my collection: Gymkhannnnaaaaa! Who doesn’t love watching Ken Block rip across the globe in his highly-specialized and absolutely outrageous cars?! Well back in 2011 Hot Wheels graced us with what is surprisingly their only official Hoonigan branded car: Block’s 650hp 2011 Ford Fiesta from Gymkhana III.

Ken Block poses with his 2011 Fiesta on the “set” of Gymkhana III (l’Autodrome, France)

This pocket-sized Hoonigan hot rod pretty closely mirrors Block’s 1:1 scale car, and has a ton of brightly colored tampos on it. I count six different tampo colors: red, white, blue, green, orange, and gray. On top of the black body color, that’s seven different colors on one mainline, which may be a record for a standard mainline car.

Designer Mark Jones really nailed the look, as the wide-body, added rear spoiler, and bright green wheels look perfect on it. I really wish this would have been made as a premium release, or even better, part of a 5-car premium Hoonigan series. Even though we didn’t get a premo version, Hot Wheels did bless fans with a white recolor.

If you’re a Hoonigan or Ken Block fan, these are two you absolutely need to add to your collection….I mean being able to play Gymkhana on your desk at work using a myriad of office supplies as driftable obstacles? Yes please.

Another interesting feature on this car is that the chassis are detailed and two-colored — which is just another level of detail Hot Wheels went to in order to make this release as accurate and unique as possible.

So if anyone from Hot Wheels (or Hoonigan) is reading this – please give us more Hoonigan cars!! The Hoonicorn Mustang, Hoonitruck, the Cosworths – any and all! We’ll gladly desk drift and dream of hooning each and every one of them all day long 🏁

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  1. I’ve always liked these two…as mentioned in the post, the level of detail for a mainline is impressive (though that two-tone base quickly disappeared on subsequent releases of this casting). The little American flag on the roof is a particularly nice touch. Nice as they are, I definitely wouldn’t have guessed back when these were on the pegs that they’d be going for between 10 and 20 bucks each on ebay now….

  2. Love these 2 cars been collecting Hot Wheels for years and I have both of them awesome casting love your show been following you for a long time keep up the good work God-bless

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