Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Alfa Romeo BAT 9

Model: Hot Wheels Prototipo Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 9

Line: 2005 First Editions – Realistix

Where to get it: eBay

Why it is in the collection: 

For an Alfisti, the Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica concepts are some of the coolest collaborations to come from the Milanese marque and styling house Bertone. That Mattel in 2005 decided the third BAT would make for a great Hot Wheels just baffles me. [FYI I’m just going to gloss over the placement of the word ‘Prototipo’ or the periods in BAT.] For some context, besides the intentionally misspelled Realistix, the 2005 First Editions also saw aptly named Torpedoes and Drop Tops subcategories, in which the former’s castings were based on the dimensions of a #2 pencil and the latter’s appeared as though they were sent to the crusher prior to being packaged. Oh, let’s not forget Blings and X-Raycers. Maybe we should. One can only conclude it was a strange period.

So while the Alfa was a beacon of hope that not all sense and sensibility had been lost, it was such an unusual choice IMO. To further its mystique, the First Edition turned out to be its last. 

I’m ok with that decision, as I’d hate to have seen it dressed up in some silly themed assortment or worse, Torpedoed. I wonder if the tooling is still around. It’d make for a great premium release.

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  1. I was lucky enough to snag this at a second-hand hobby dealer that used to have boxes and boxes of mostly uninteresting Hot Wheels lying around. I’d find something interesting every once in a while, but it was slim pickings most of the time. I had no idea Hot Wheels did this model until I stumbled across it in one of those boxes, and I’m so happy to have it. I knew of the real car it’s based on but never would’ve guessed in a million years it’d been done in 1/64. I agree with the write-up that one-and-done is probably best for such a singular vehicle, but I’d love to have a premium version of it for sure.

  2. I will disagree. This casting proves what I always knew. Mattel knows automobiles and automobile history. Over the years they have chosen interesting and unusual cars. The 1938 Phantom Corsair. Designed by Rust Heinz of the Heinz 57 family. The 1955 Lincoln Futura. Syd Meads Limo. You can look back over the years and see all of the obscure automobiles they have done. Bring it on. I can make a list of more. I am old enough to have read motor trend and car and driver magazine. Contained within those pages were every kids dream cars. I congratulate the designers at Mattel for their choices. Why else would we have a Studebaker pickup truck?

  3. B.A.T. stands for Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica. “Prototipo” was applied because these were concept vehicles. I chose the 9 because it was the most moldable within “basic car” limitations. My un-sung design hero Franco Scaglione is credited with the deign of all the B.A.T. vehicles. Thank you for the write-up and nice images!

  4. I’ve been aware of the BATs forever, and when I saw two of them going to like $2 on ebay, I snagged them. A very underappreciated model, simply because people aren’t aware.

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