Lamley Daily : Kyosho Alfa Romeo 75

Model: Alfa Romeo 75 T.Spark (yellow)

Release: Kyosho Minicar Collection Alfa Romeo series 4

Where to get it: eBay is the best way

Why it is in the collection : I am (was) a Kyosho collector, and I love Alfa Romeo, which make 2 good reasons to have it. Plus, this late 80’s car has always been a car I played with as a kid (Majorette did one).

Good Alfa Romeo replicas are too rare at our scale and Kyosho version is really nice. Love the wheels, and the black stripe along the car towards the rear spoiler. I’ve chosen to present the yellow version, as I might prefer this one to the other I own, a red one.

If you are an Alfa Romeo afficionado, you must get one in your collection.

Find an Alfa Romeo 75 on eBay.

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