Here are your 2019 Lamley Awards winners (and losers)

Lots of polls, thousands of votes, a ton of models, and now we are here. The 2019 Lamley Awards have come to a close, thanks to the Hot Wheels RLC year finally ending, and here are the results.

I picked the categories, you voted, and the models with the most votes were selected. My commentary is on the video, the lists are below. It was a great year.

The results:

2 Replies to “Here are your 2019 Lamley Awards winners (and losers)”

  1. Wow. Just four JDM cars! Progress! (j/k)

    The biggest surprise is the Quattro: an early release like it wouldn’t have stood a chance against the Chiron and JDM picks, but it’s on the podium. Shows just how good the casting really is.

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