Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Manga Tuner

Model: Hot Wheels Manga Tuner

Release: 2020 Hot Wheels mainline, New Model

Where to get it: eBay — and watch for the card art variants too!

Why it’s in my collection: The Manga Tuner was simply too cool to pass up. The wild Japanese Bōsōzoku style cars are some of the most unique custom cars in the world….and then Hot Wheels went and did their tuning magic on it to make it even more extreme: and it works.

That piercing overhanging hood, the crazy vertical dual exhaust pipes, and the front mount oil cooler are just perfect. The simple graphics blend with the cartoonish shape so well, and the wheels fill the wells just right for that perfect stance.

The car looks good from every angle — and there are lots of angles on it to enjoy. From the high-angled spoiler to that air-splitting front lip, every corner of the car is designed to catch your eye. And catch your eye it does.

I like that the designers went to the extra steps to make it a proper JDM car by putting the steering wheel on the right.

This little tuner stands out from the crowd – literally. If you’ve got the JDM blues and are tired of “plain” old stock GTRs, STIs, RX7s or the like, than grab a Manga Tuner of your own and take a trip to night cruise with your pals on the Tokyo Expressway 🏁

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  1. Yeah, this is a great little model, and a welcome change in direction for the Tooned sub-series. I think the cherry red colour–with no decals to distract from the unique lines–adds to the appeal. Looking forward to maybe seeing it some other colours too.

  2. I try to say “I only collect the realistic generics”. However, every now and then, one comes along so nuts, it’s hard to leave on the pegs. And this is one of them.

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