Matchbox Mini Moment feels the need, the need for speed!

I don’t know if anybody has seen this article on CNN Underscored at all? Mattel were in New York this week for the annual toy fair and unleashed the first look at their upcoming Matchbox themed Top Gun Maverick license. We are going to be getting various playsets, Skybusters and so forth linked in with the new film heading our way in the summer. But what caught my eye can just be seen in the top right hand corner. I am a miniature collector, so seeing some miniature models piqued my curiosity.

I spoke with Abe at Mattel and he has graciously passed on some pictures of these models. Now they are not out yet, we are still looking at around 3-4 months until the toys hit, perhaps earlier if we are lucky. Of course I am currently unsure how they will be sold in the UK, so will be looking at Wheel Collectors to possibly lend a hand if needed. So without further ado, a quick look at the 10 miniature sized models we have to look forward to.

The models will be released in 2 different 5-packs. There are no names for the packs, so they will likely just be classed as pack 1 and pack 2. This is the first pack.

For those who have missed the announcement, this is the brand new MB1214 casting of a 1956 Aston Martin DBR1. Choosing this casting to add to the 2020 basic range was actually quite planned. The vehicle plays a noticeable part in the new film, so Matchbox decided to just go nuts and create the model for the long haul. I believe this version will actually arrive before the basic range version does.

The MB759 Dodge Challenger. Looking very nice in grey with black hood markings.

The MB788 Ford F-150 Raptor in black.

The MB695 Petrol Pumper in blue and white.

And a blast from the past. The MB027 Swing Wing Jet. Okay this was a big surprise, especially as the tooling has not been used in the 21st century. I am surprised it was even still around, so kudos to Matchbox for digging it out. I can see it has had a few modifications, and let’s be honest, being sitting in storage for over 2 decades, it was going to need a tidy up anyway.

Sorry Goose, but it’s time to buzz the tower….

The other 5-pack.

This one will contain the MB1167 Mini Countryman in green. Similar to the 2019 basic range debut although this does look to be a noticeably lighter green and sports white stripes and all-black wheels.

The MB1226 2019 Ford Mustang GT Coupe in charcoal. Yes, this will be a 3rd release for this awesome new casting in its debut year. I wonder if this was a mere coincidence, or was it also pre-planned to be added because of the film too?

The MB720 Ford Bronco 4×4 in light blue.

The MB878 Jeep CJ-7 4×4 in red.

Plus another of the MB027 Swing Wing Jet casting in an alternate design. I will be looking forward to getting these ones to compare to the older releases. Expect that in my proper Monday post, once the sets are out and I have them in hand to prepare a full report on.

So again, many thanks Abe for passing on these FEP sample images for me to show. There may be a small tweak or 2 before production begins, but these are pretty much how they are going to appear. I have to admit, this is getting me extremely excited for the upcoming release. I can’t wait to get them. As far as I am concerned, these are 2 extremely amazing 5-packs. I am sure when I watch the film (and I will be watching it) I will see the real vehicles recreated in miniature here and I just know there will be a big grin going across my face.

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  1. Maverick!….”send out the swing wing”….. That line will be classic. Nice one. On an old SKooL film. If them vehicles are in the new film as above “as is” Great line up. Like Jurassic world items hoping open to the worldwide market in some form.

  2. Whoa, Ithis is a major surprise. I’ve been looking at the stuff other brands (both diecast and non) have been announcing at Toy Fair; and have been wondering what it will bring for MBX. Also, Micro Machines are to return this year from JazWares.

    The castings look great! I know the red Jeep was in the original film, but even having not seen the rest of them, all the cars are perfect! The only generic is the fuel tanker (in a great looking livery!) and Swing Wing, which once before has represented the F-14 Tomcat (in Star Cars for the original film). My only concern is–how much plastic did it gain?

    While I know Swing Wing got used to represent an F-16 in Star Cars; I wonder if we’ll have Skybusters of the F/A 18 Hornet, F-14 Tomcat (and I know Skybusters of these exist), and the P-51 shown on the poster? Seems without those, it’s major omission.

  3. Although I’ve never seen Top Gun or have an interest in it, I would be more than happy to buy both of these packs. I love the assortment and how simple they are! The Dodge Challenger SRT8, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, the new Ford Mustang GT, etc. Just simple front and rear detailing with clean sides is all it takes to make for a winner. Even the generic MBX Tanker is really nice because it’s based off a real tanker truck. The Jets I could care less about but it is interesting to incorporate them in a multi-pack instead of just all cars. We’ll see how difficult it is to find these packs considering how much hype there is for the new Top Gun movie. I hope for the best.

  4. Both packs are awesome. I’m most excited for the Mustang and the Aston, but the other models are cool too, especially the black Raptor. I’m a big plane fan irl but never really been interested in collecting their models (not as much as cars for sure) but hey, if buying this pack means getting those jets too, then I’m cool with it.

    Speaking of Top Gun, I’ve certainly seen it and I fondly remember the chase between Tom Cruise’s Ninja and Kelly McGillis’ 356 Speedster. I wonder if Matchbox will be able to do that 356 now that they have the Top Gun license. I hope they do.

  5. That’s not a CJ-7. The body length and short door frame shape are all consistent with CJ-5. But this isn’t the first time Matchbox has tried to pass the Jeep 4×4 off as a CJ-7.

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