Lamley Daily : CM’s Subaru Legacy RS

Model: 1993 Subaru Legacy RS New Zealand Rally

Release: CM’s Colin McRae Memorial Set

Where to get it: CM’s corporation is sadly long gone, so ebay seems the best option.

Why it is in the collection : CM’s are jewels. They used to produce Rally Cars like no other (well, maybe Inno64 is in the path). Wait for John reaction when I’ll post a Starion.

A group of passionates guys created this crazy brand, and believe me, it is hard to list all what have been produced.

This Legacy RS is part of a rare Colin McRae set, including mainly Subaru cars. Details are so lovely.

2 Replies to “Lamley Daily : CM’s Subaru Legacy RS”

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. What a gem. And a Colin McRae to boot. I hear the vacuum pump pulling me in…. (I used to be a rally navigator.)

  2. I purchased several of the CM rally cars a few years back and love them all. My only gripe was with the micro-tiny holes in the roof for the antennas. In spite of my best efforts I could never get them installed, so there’s 6 little holes in their roofs.

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