A Lamley Look at the 2020 Matchbox Models previewed at the 18th European Convention earlier this month.

While I was hanging out at the Hot Wheels Convention in LA the first weekend of October, David Tilley was at the European Matchbox Convention in Leipzig, Germany. He filed this report:

Well last weekend was the 18th European Convention in Leipzig, Germany.

Abe Lugo from Mattel in USA was in attendance, as well as The Lamley Group. Admittedly there is no video footage to show at this time, but we did manage to get a bunch of pictures of models as they are a little further progressed than they were in Albuquerque in July.

The slides and videos were almost the same as the ones shown in USA, although graphics had been written in German in places. There have been no major changes to anything in the 10 weeks since Albuquerque. So let’s get stucks in with some pictures.

We know that for 2020 the basic range will incorporate 3 new generic models, known as Matchbox Originals.

The MBX Self Driving Bus has not changed since Albuquerque. It is still a 3D cast, with a clear upper and green lower section. Obviously this is one that will be scheduled for release later in 2020.

The MBX Cycle Trailer has progressed further. Still a 3D rendering, but now we see that they are going to sneaky with this and give us an instant variation. Half of them will sport one type of bike on the rear, the other half a different bike. The bike section itself will be a separate piece.

MBX Garbage Scout is also progressing further, but is still a 3D rendering. From what was being mentioned, the trash can on the rear will be removable for added play value. The early 3D rendering shown in Albuquerque was all just one piece in grey, so you didn’t really get a feel for how it looks. Having individual parts rendered in 3D and constructed it does help to show breaks in the casting which helps it to look better.

Now on to the licensed stuff.

The 1994 Chevy Caprice Police Car is good to go. This will likely be a part of the first batch. In Albuquerque it was still a 3D print. It’s really cool seeing the NYPD design on it too.

The 2018 Jeep Renegade is still the same as it was in Albuquerque. Fully formed in plastic and metal now, but still in prototype stages.

The Big Banana Car was blue in Albuquerque. Obviously it was not going to be released like that. Now it is FEP stages, and really does look like a banana.

The 1971 MGB GT is coming along nicely. Originally when it was being created for 2018 it was going to be a rally vehicle, but during the delay it has been re-adapted as a standard road going vehicle. In Albuquerque the 3D rendering was still sporting spotlights on the front. But now it has progressed to early prototype metal and plastic, and with that the spotlights are gone. This is pure stock when it arrives next year.

The 2019 VW Beetle Convertible “Final Edition” casting is also coming along. This was a 3D rendering in Albuquerque and is not fully fleshed out. Oddly, it is still blue. Is this a hint as to what it will arrive in next year?

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is also good to go. Likely it will be in the first batch of the year. Remember each batch will be sold for 2 months and will be all-new each time with 6 batches overall throughout the year.

The 1956 Powell Sport Truck is still only at 3D rendering stage, but is now a multi-part 3D rather than all in one that was shown in Albuquerque. There is now no rear tailgate. Whether that will be how it stays we will have to wait and see. The original rendering shown in Albuquerque did have a tailgate. There’s still work to be done on it, so it is still in the “wait and see” bracket.

The 1962 Mercedes Benz 220SE Rally is a big deal. The prototype and FEP were on display, and we were treated to a few sneaks of the 2020 packaging style. Many will have seen the advert.

This is going to be sold in the basic range, but will have a rather unique and distiguishing blister.

The classic 1976 Honda Civic CVCC is unchanged from Albuquerque. Obviously this is one we will be waiting until later in the year to finally get in our hands.

The Mercedes Benz AMG GT63S Sedan has reached the first shot metal and plastic stage. Albuquerque treated us to a multi-colour 3D rendering. Obviously there is still time for tweaks. You may notice no tri-star on the front. This may be adjusted on the casting, or it may be left blank as there could be a view that the tampo printing will work better with a flat surface. Sometimes it does. This is likely a casting that will always see a front print.

The Polaris RZR XP1000 is not at the bare metal stage, moving on from the 3D print stage it was at in Albuquerque.

The 2019 Mazda 3 is still at the original 1-piece 3D rendering stage as of Leipzig. This looks likely to be a late 2020 release.

The 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 is also unchanged from the 3D rendering that was shown in Albuquerque. It’s nowhere near the vehicle that will arrive. This was a quick mock-up that was more in line with the camouflage real vehicle that was doing the rounds before the launch. Expect a lot to happen with that over the next year or so.

The LEVC TX London Taxi is still in 3D rendering stages, but in Albuquerque we only saw a 1-piece rendering. This is now showing more details and individual parts. It looks like we will have a window in the roof and a nicely detailed Taxi sign in front of it.

The Western Star 4900 is one of a number of new cabs arriving, with the return of Convoy for 2020, but this is the only one also being added to the basic range. The 3D rendering is still the same one as seen in Albuquerque.

The 1956 Aston Martin DBR1 Roadster has moved on from the original 1-piece 3D print into a multi-part 3D print. 

The 1995 Nissan Hardbody Pickup has moved from 3D printing into a proper casting now. Note the tow hook on the rear. Nice to see we still get new castings with tow hooks. There are some items in the rear of this one. Will there be an empty bed variant? You can never tell, but so far there has been no mention of it. Just the Bike Trailer is confirmed for 2020 as being a double version casting.

The Renault Kangoo Express has actually gone the other way to most models. In Albuquerque we saw a multi-part 3D rendering, but this is an early draft 3D rendering in 1 part. There could be 2 reasons behind that. The front end did look slightly damaged in Albuquerque, so it may be that it was deemed too damaged so an older rendering was brought instead. Or it could be that Renault have requested a change and it has been re-printed with a slight tweak to it. BTW the wheels were just some old wheels that were laying around. They are not going to be returning.

The 1941 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible is now being fleshed out properly. It was still a 3D rendering back in Albuquerque. It is looking very nice here.?? Once it starts getting painted up in official release design it will look incredible.

Another that is pretty much good to go now, so possibly a part of batch A. The 1976 VW Golf Mk1 was already at the first shot metal stage, but now we see it in FEP stage in an almost production ready look. It sports the GTi logo on the front, and side tampo printing is added to help with the black wheel arches, as the real GTi had them. This could be a popular little model.

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is now at multi-part 3D rendering stage, whereas in Albuquerque it was single-part.

The Bugatti Divo is still in multi-part 3D rendering as they work to ensure that the colour breaks work with Bugatti. However, these now sport Matchbox wheels, as it is a newer rendering than was shown in Albuquerque.

The new vehicles will join the rest in a now expanded series of 6 themes. For the last few years it has been 5 themes.

We also saw some sneaks of the 4 new moving parts tools.

The 2019 Ford Ranger is going to be unique in having 2 opening parts. I managed to get the tailgate open for one of the pictures. You may also note the Skyjacker logo on the side. We saw a first shot metal and an FEP sample here. In Albuquerque it was just the plain one.

The 1948 Divco Milk Truck is still as it was in Albuquerque. No changes as yet.

The Lamborghini Centenario has progressed to first shot metal, with a tilting plastic door, although the 3D rendering was still in attendance too. Abe still hadn’t changed the slide from Aventador to Centenario.

Finally the Porsche 550 Spider is also in the same boat as the Divo. It hasn’t changed in 10 weeks.

Ford those curious, here are shots of the 2 entire displays.

This does also give us another look at the Convoy vehicles.

The Convoy Cab on the left is an early prototype of the Matchbox original MBX Cabover. On the right an early prototype of one of 2 Lonestar cabs that will debut in the series.

The MBX Cabover is being married to the Rocket Transporter here. Slides showed a Tesla, but until final production begins things can still change.

The other Lonestar Cab is fully formed here and the Ford Cargo next to it is pretty much good to go too. Note the new wheels created.?? They have created a new wheel for the Convoy series. Each models in the 2 assortments will be paired with a returning basic range model. They are hoping to make slight tweaks to the models that get added in to the sets, but it is not a guarantee.

Now here is something that fell under the radar in Albuquerque.

Walmart is receiving 2 unique sets of models, although in 2020 there will be 2 mixes for each set. We all saw the slide in Albuquerque but slid in the middle was the MB1226 2019 Mustang GT. But with no renderings on display it completely passed over our heads.

However, this time out in Leipzig, they bought a 3D rendering of the brand new casting that will debut exclusively in the Walmart series for 2020. It will also appear in 2 versions across the 2 mixes for Walmart in USA.

Finally, something that was not announced at Albuquerque as it was only officially announced shortly after it.

Mattel have secured the license for the Top Gun series. In line with the new Top Gun: Maverick film that is due in June 2020 Mattel will be creating various toys from both the new film and the original. Matchbox will be the diecast arm of that deal. Skybusters will be obviously very significant, and we will also see basics, playsets and other items released next summer time. Expect more information to be passed out, and pictures of models as we get closer to the release of the film.

16 Replies to “A Lamley Look at the 2020 Matchbox Models previewed at the 18th European Convention earlier this month.”

  1. Excellent article by David. 2020 looks very promising. I wonder where the construction vehicles will fit in the six new themes?

  2. The self-driving bus is well, what it is. I simply uninteresting style-less brick that mostly consists of plastic. Expect that one to be the major pegwarmer once out. Admittedly, I’ve warmed up to the banana car. Thought it was stupid at first. Can’t wait to find it. It doesn’t fit into ANY of my collection, but is weird; and that’s what I like about it.

    One thing I noted about the Ranger. The original pre-produciton showed a metal hood. On the final, it looks like plastic hood and tailgate. It might be the only one they changed to the point of me probably passing on it. Will, perhaps, the Skyjacker logo be on a 1/1 Ranger at SEMA in 2020? (as was done with the Bronco, and Ford truck builds?).

    The other castings I want, thankfully aren’t ruined. My fear with the Nissan Hardbody was that it would have absolutely huge plastic fender flares; and it doesn’t. The other newer toolings aren’t plastic heavy.

    I was a little disappointed with the lack of emergency vehicles in 2020. Yet in the Mustang line, we get not only one, but TWO Mustang SSPs! Been wanting to see the SSP in a Texas Highway Patrol livery, and the other, I was told, is Boone County, Missouri.

    The Caprice is where my jaw dropped–Shut up and take my money! Unfortunately, with the smaller stores in my area always behind behind (and other than the fact that store closures have left me with only Dollar General and Walmart), and my Walmart being scalper-plagued; I can’t. Amazon needs to start selling factory cases; now that they carry certain premium lines, 5, and 9/10 packs.

  3. And amazingly the Big Banana Car, classic 1962 Mercedes, Alfa Giulia and 94 Caprice NYPD Car have already actually been released here in the UK 🙂

    1. Craig you know you love that banana car – LOL – Still only got two mercedes Rally cars and still missing a few from 2019, especially the Porsche Rally car, i so want some of them.

      1. Ha!! It’s a model I tutted loudly when I first saw it but It’s grown on me now especially when I found out it’s based on a real vehicle rather than a generic. Ive managed to get every case of 2019 releases apart from the last two as I held off paying all that postage costs in case they turned up at Tesco. Im still hoping at least R Case will still turn up there but if not then its back to obtaining from America I’m afraid 🙁

    2. The yellow banana plastic piece can come off to leave a go cart style mobile. Also Ewy’s rally merc. The metal casting around the roof is very sharp and prickly. Unless mine has snuck through QC?…

      1. Just a heads up. Two new 9packs at Tesco. Both with green jags as exclusive. One pack has the tiny blue Subaru pick up etç….. The other has a pink Cadillac etc…… Sadly no singles..

  4. Great roundup David! My understanding is that there may also be a three-part (no interior) version of the Caprice, perhaps as a multipack release

  5. Kind of too much good stuff here to attempt individual shout-outs…I honestly don’t see a single thing I dislike here. The Hardbody looks shockingly good, and will pair up phenomenally with the bike trailer. This is going to be a good year! I’m really hoping the new release strategy will improve my chances of getting what I want…time will tell.

  6. I’m hoping as part of this new batch scheduling, this will be a success and it convinces stores to create a much bigger selection for them. I’m so sick of going to Target and only seeing four pegs for mainlines stacked on top of each other and only two pegs for 5 packs. Also, I’m sick of Walmart not restocking them to begin with. Every one of them is totally wiped or filled with old stock. Target is the only place that regularly restocks and restocks with new ones.

    So if I read right, there’s going to be six batches for the entire year every two months, right? So that means each batch will be 15-20 cars each or what? That’s how they used to be 10+ years ago. I remember when I started collecting in 2009 batches were typically made up of 15-20 cars in 72 count cases. Wouldn’t that be nice to have again?

  7. that Trailer with the motorcycles is turning into a Major Disappointment.
    “We” want removable Motorcycles.
    The 2020 Jeep Gladiator… will be a welcome sight……
    I did that to the Matchbox Jeep Superlift,
    and the Hot Wheels ’17 Jeep Wrangler

  8. I got the Polaris slingshot today and it looks great! Got me thinking that they could think about an older 3 wheler design loke the original Morgan car. Just a thought.

  9. Happy to see the MGB finished now..

    But why is it called MGB Coupé..!?

    There never was anything called like that..

    Whilst there was an MGB GT by MB before..

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