The Matchbox Toy Show is this weekend in Leipzig, Germany. And their charity auction – which you can bid on – is loaded.

I’m typing this while sitting at the Hot Wheels Convention at the LAX Marriott, but my mind for the moment is on orange.

Hot Wheels isn’t the only brand having an event this weekend. The Matchbox Toy Show in Leipzig, Germany, is also this weekend. Abe Lugo from the Matchbox Team is there, previewing all kinds of cool stuff, and as always, there will be a charity auction.

Every year an auction is held, and unique items are donated from around the world, including from Mattel. And this year Mattel brought the goods, with several preproduction models, including several Moving Parts models for folks to bid on.

I put photos of the Mattel items below, and I have a link to all the lots as well. Why am I doing this? Because you can bid as well, no matter where in the world you are.

If you have any interest in these items, email Dirk Schleuer at and tell him what you are interested in, and he will take it form there. You have until October 4th – tomorrow – so get to it.

I am hoping to post some news from the event as it comes out. Stay tuned.

All the lots:

The Mattel donations:

13 Replies to “The Matchbox Toy Show is this weekend in Leipzig, Germany. And their charity auction – which you can bid on – is loaded.”

  1. I like these models. I will not try bidding on any of them but seeing prototypes like these is fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m surprised to see that yellow King Tow in this batch. It’s from the 2003 50th Anniversary Happy Meals collection. The mainline model is a dual-axle model. I have both of them.

  3. The reject GTI prototype is interesting. Matchbox had a few seriously flawed castings in those years (the XKR with the driver’s side window smaller than the passenger side, the Range Rover Sport with every angle and proportion wrong) but the contrast with the resin of the corrected version makes it clear how completely off it is. No wonder the license holder refused to allow it. It’s like somebody did a hurried freehand drawing of a GTI, and it somehow got just a few steps shy of production.

  4. That blue transit looks better than the released one. Shame it was plastic and set as a news van….. Any UK show’s to know about?… A stand near tesco fish counter?.Bring a 1 case every 1 1/2 months routine party..?..🎈🎈 …….and share between a county.?….. A mystical brand……only a few know of now…….. Wooooo👻👻👽👽✋😮?…..

  5. Really interesting that the prototype for the plastic Pony Trailer retains its same colors as when it was a Regular Wheel. I’d really love to see those colors used.

    Interesting too that the Matchbox team appears to have actually designed the McDonald’s version of the wrecker. I thought that was McD’s idea, and Mattel had no say in it.

  6. My local Tesco extra has put up new price plans/dates for singles and 5packs. Tues…15th for singles. Thurs…17th for 5packs. So Mbx is coming to town. Unless may vary at any others?. Just a heads up.

    1. Let’s hope so but those dates are notoriously unreliable I’m afraid. I’ve managed to find some new sets including the excellent Auto Bahn Express but still no sign of singles!!

    2. The singles due to arrive btw is unbelievably the 2020 Case A which is the first time I can remember the UK getting stuff before the US. It does of course mean missing the last two cases of 2019 which is disappointing and very reminiscent od ASDA!!

  7. Thanks Craig, I wish Mattel could pay my fuel bill!… Autobahn and 2020’s singles.?… That’s very random. No poopking case! So case BANANA…. From what I’ve seen on other images that Argentinian woman’s champion Mercedes is also in the mix… One Tesco stockist for half of rural Norfolk… 40 mins added journey home… Again…. And again….!!!

    1. No Poop King I’m afraid but the new Alfa and that gorgeous classic Mercedes saloon. Yes I’ve used so much of my time and petrol searching but this case is definitely worth the pain. I just hope Tesco restock more than once in TWO MONTHS!!

      1. Wow Craig, you are right!…. We can sing auld lang syne already!… 2020!!!.. That Merc Ewy Rosqvist female touring car champion card art is lovely. Also the Mercedes itself…That Alfa ,Chevy NYPD and Mini not in NY cab!… They/the whole case is a vast improved and impressive. My local stuck to the date what was put out. Now waiting for 5packs on Thursday. Its a shame we have missed so much and only one chain to buy from. But on Tesco website they wrote “our jaws dropped when we heard you couldn’t buy this iconic brand in the UK”…. Some pride showñ from Tesco….So hope more to come and not every 2 months… And more outlets to sell would be good. A Great Ormand street hospital for children (GOSH)themed vehicle would be great .cheers Craig.

  8. Whats up with the site, the posts are getting fewer and fewer and further between – Just one post sofar in October, and not many more from September, is this going down the pan ?

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