Did Hot Wheels release a secret Target Red Edition Chase? Or is it much ado about nothing?

Let’s face it, the “much ado about nothing” factor in the Hot Wheels collecting world is a thing. We sometimes get caught up in looking for something that isn’t really there. Something looks a little different, theories abound, a variation is created, a frenzy ensues. Actually, that is one of the fun elements of collecting. Why the hell not let that happen?

So is it happening now? A few days ago, readers started asking me about a “spectraflame” Target Red Edition Corvette. Several folks from different parts of the country reported that among the latest release of Red Editions, SOME of the Corvettes appeared to have spectraflame paint. My typical reaction is to smile and say “neat”, but the pictures sent over did show a significant difference. Still, significant paint differences happen all the time, and it seemed a ripe case for the “much ado about nothing” game.

Then a friend of mine found them here. It is pretty significant. So I am making much ado.

You be the judge. Even better, find one and then really be the judge. There is no evidence that Hot Wheels did a secret chase for Target. There is nothing on the card that suggests anything, only the paint difference, which is huge.

What to you think? How much ado does this merit?

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  1. That is a bigger variation than usual, but I’m still gonna side on the “much ado about nothing” angle here. If there were ANY other differences, however small, I might be tempted to say it was intended as somewhat of a “chase” version, but I think this is either coincidence, or some kind of running change that will result in both versions being common. That said, I still think the Spectraflame-ish version looks cooler.

  2. When I found both paint variations a few days ago my immediate thought was that the SF one might be a Super Secret Treasure Hunt. The paint difference is EXACTLY like the difference between a regular & a $uper TH.

  3. Every Target Red Edition is a chase! I don’t recall the last time I found one. Maybe it was a couple of years ago that I found 2 Red Edition models that year.

    Anyway, cool looking Corvette! Yeah, I would prefer the “Spectraflame” looking one, but honestly would just be happy to find either version.

  4. OK, I just watched the video. Forget about the Corvette for a moment, what about that glorious Porsche 918, hot VW GTI, awesome SRT Viper, lovely Lamborghini Reventón and cool VW Caddy? I want all of these! I remember coverage of wave 1 of the Red Editions, but don’t recall much mention of these since. A shame these are so incredibly scarce in my area Targets.

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