Matchbox’s 2020 Toy Fair Model is also the first New Model of the next year.

Matchbox dropped this earlier in the week:

That is the 2020 Mattel Toy Fair Model, a model that won’t be available to the public. If you aren’t familiar with the Mattel Toy Fair, it is an event put on by Mattel every fall specifically for retailers. It is at the Mattel headquarters in El Segundo, and a preview of the 2020 product for retailers.

Just think of it this way. Retail reps from Walmart, Target, Kroger, and many other retailers descend on Southern California, and all the stops are pulled out by Mattel to get them excited for what is coming. It’s the big sales pitch for 2020, and there is swag.

Both Matchbox and Hot Wheels create a premium model to be given to those who attend, and this is Matchbox’s 2020 piece. They are never made available to the public, only on the secondary market, and they are always sought-after if they are.

So why would Matchbox show this to us? Well, for one it is awesome, so why not? And two, it gives us a glimpse at the first new model of 2020, the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

I think the consensus has been that 2019 has been a tremendous year, with a plethora of licensed new models and the introduction of moving parts. 2020 looks to be a step even beyond that. I don’t anticipate the Giulia being the major star of 2020, but it is a perfect Matchbox model, and it looks to be really well executed.

I am hoping to showcase this soon. I’m ready to dig into 2020.

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  1. I think Matchboxworld blocked me as I can never see their feed from my IG account. I don’t get it because there is no reason for them to have blocked me. Does anyone else have this issue of not being able to see their profile page?

      1. But I can’t even see their profile. They don’t show up when I search the profile name. When someone links their account like Lamley I go to click on the link and nothing comes up. It’s just blank.

  2. Oh yeah! The Alfa Romeo Giulia has been up there on my list of new models for Mattel to tackle. Though I was was honestly thinking this would be more likely a Hot Wheels than a Matchbox. But, either way. Can’t wait to find this in the 2020 basic range!

    I’ll have to hunt much harder (and further) now. Sadly, my neighborhood Target has removed Matchbox basics with their latest reset.

    I’d love to see the basic debut in this same deep red metallic paint, just without the black striping.

  3. If Matchbox wanted to impress with this model I’m afraid they missed the mark . That ugly script down the side ruined it in my opinion and with it , it’s resale valve which is what most recipients are looking for when they put it up for sale .On the bright side , I’ll be able to pick it up on the cheap now .

  4. Very nice; I hope they enjoy their sales event – while they are there can someone please ask Mattel why we have not had ANY Matchbox in the UK for the whole of this year? Send me some…I’ll distribute them !!

    1. We now have Matchbox at Tesco. You can should probably ask ASDA why they abandoned them without any warning leaving Mattel having to find a UK stockist. Hopefully 2020 will see all cases come to the UK 🙂

  5. Who was supplying matchbox to ASDA only and why only .?… Who aloud ASDA to Milk the pricing plan at our ASDA only….?… Missed and never stocked ASDA only in some…. Tesco has had mbx only 1 month in my area…. No singles for 2 weeks now. And someone has just skimming the cases for various.. Eg … A Tesco in Suffolk it seem strange how W123’s nothing else had been taken… We are never going to see half of what Mattel offers on the Mbx line…. At the end the day its a dumbdown kill off…. Hotwheels is their floaters.. Always floating here. 65th/50th … Could have had then . Mattel aloud this…..

    1. Sadly I’m no expert on such matters but I believe the exclusivity deal was obviously arranged between ASDA and Mattel and coincided with Matchbox no longer being supplied to UK importers and distributors. It was a crazy decision which backfired on Mattel when ASDA pulled the brand from their stores.
      Theoretically the Tesco arrangement isn’t exclusive but other retailers have failed to get on board either because they had their fingers burnt before such as Morrison’s and The Entertainer or because they are happy selling Hot Wheels and HTI generics. All the Tesco stores in my area now sell MBX singles and at £1.25 each they have sold very quickly. Hopefully a new case will arrive before the end of this month.

  6. Cheers Craig.., is it just your Tesco Extra which sells only?… My area its only who sells….. Not mid range or Metro.
    I hope more do come for future as in more range/outlets. From what I’ve seen the pricing is open to all….. V good. Goodbye HTI…. Clean those shelves.😷

    1. Home bargains has put out various mbx sets……. Eg… Fly shifters and so on at £5.99…. Not my cup of tea but it may help some…. Sign of mbx products at Home bargain may mean some may have different stock?

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