Showcase: Aston Martin Vulcan, Range Rover Velar, Alpine 110 & the highlights of the Hot Wheels P Case

There is a lot to like in this case, starting with the new models: three surprising European cars, all executed beautifully. Add to that a British Super, and you sense a theme.

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  1. My thoughts…

    – Supers are cool regardless of what they are because of the thrill of finding one, BUT…I think this particular Mini casting is ripe for retirement. Too damn big/wide
    – I would’ve liked more clean decos for the Focus RS before all these busier ones, but of the busy ones this is one of the nicer-looking
    – I don’t really “get” the Speed Blur line…to each his own I guess
    – I will never not pick up great Lamborghini castings…love every time they do one.
    – All three new models are Fantastic with a capital “F”. The Alpine and Velar in particular are absolute perfection, and while a lot of people will whine that Matchbox should’ve done them (and they’re not wrong), we should be glad they were done at all, especially when they look this damn good. Only a European number plate could improve the Velar at all. The headlight tampo on the Vulcan is cringe-worthy…this will obviously be a model that’ll take some hunting to find one with properly aligned lights (aside from the possible wing issue).

    1. I actually think that the Alpine belongs in HW, but the Range Rover…not so much. If it was a Bowler then it would check out. it’ll be tough to find the Aston for sure.

    2. Matchbox has released the blue metallic velar on its 50th anniv line with opening trunk. Tampos all around with beige interior, and real riders. A little expensive, but Love it!

      1. The MBX 50th Ann. the Range Rover LWB, not the Velar. And yes, it’s a great model. Done really well. Personally, I don’t get all hung up on whether a particular vehicle “belongs” in the MBX line or the HW line, just as long as they keep pumping out the cars we want with this level of attention to detail.

  2. The Velar, like the Series III released earlier this year, is just plain excellent. Can’t wait to find it locally, but as usual, we lag at least 2-3 cases behind.

  3. Some really fantastic cars in this case! 3 new casting first releases, plus the recolor of the new Custom Mustang casting. Not to mention the others you’ve highlighted. Love the Focus in this color and deco. The HW Racing Mini is also really cool. I’ll pick up the Panamera, but wish they had gone with clear or tinted windows and not this red, which makes it look less realistic and more kid’s toy/fantasy. Not big on the ’65 Mustang, but it’s a decent casting for those that are. I’ll also pass on the Track Ripper, though I agree, it’s one of the better fantasy castings and has a very interesting deco here.

    Back to the good stuff. The Vulcan is easily my favorite! Love, love, love this model! Perfect proportions, perfect color, perfect minimal deco. The Alpine is my #2, just because it’s such an obscure sports car (for those of us in the U.S.). Again, they got the casting just right in the proportions and all the sculpted in details. So glad this got full front and rear tampos. Close behind is the Range Rover Velar, which is definitely no slouch. Another model that looks like a perfectly shrunken version of the real thing. These 3 models really highlight the best of what Hot Wheels is capable of in the basic range.

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