The next mix of Matchbox Moving Parts is hitting. Here is what to look for.

While perusing the LGG Facebook Group yesterday, I saw this group of photos posted by Mark MacCallum from Canada:

These are four of the new Matchbox Moving Parts models, hitting obviously around Mark and everywhere soon. Three new castings, all of which I will dig into shortly in a Preview Video coming to the Lamley YouTube Channel.

Keep your eyes open.

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  1. The ’36 Ford and Buick Riviera are really nice. The opening canopy on the Renault is cool. Just wish they had something else as opposed to the VW recolor. Now, I hope Walmart gets these. They are the only store in my area carrying anything more than mainlines, and they haven’t restocked Moving Parts in over a month.

  2. Wow, that Riv is quite the curve ball! And that Ford is not what I was expecting to see either. I doubt I’ll have the will power to pass them up if I see them.
    Unfortunately, I suspect I’ll find plenty of the other two hanging around for a while. And that may be all we see for this line in my area for a while.

  3. I love the Buick Riviera! I’m glad they made that one! Kind of an oddball but welcome! And if I’m not mistaken, it appears to have an appropriate chrome base as well as the Volkswagen Fastback. I also like they ditched the hideous blue tint on the VW! Now it looks appropriate! The Ford is interesting but I don’t like the lack of detail. And the Renault is just ugly! No thanks.

  4. Moving everywhere soon?!……Is this North American Continent only everywhere?… Never opened any doors to Europe.. Not just these…. . Mind you that bottom white Renault looks like a Hotwheels plastic generic….. You can keep that!…. $2 ..How much will we pay at our UK onlyTesco in two months time?……. What is our lineup at tesco ?!…. Any specials ?.. Prefab sprout selection packs?…or?….mini cooper NY taxi edition?…… Free when you buy a pack of 3?…

  5. I just found the VW bus for the first time today. Still have never seen anything past that release. Targets MBX selection sucks.

    1. Trust me, it isn’t just Target. Wal-Marts (at least, in my area) don’t get Mattel products until a month or so after it should’ve been there. Distribution is iffy everywhere.

    2. You found the VW Bus? Congratulations! I’ve yet to find that one. But I think we’re confusing the Moving Parts line with the 50th Ann. Superfast line. I keep doing that as well. Or are those considered a special “wave 1” of Moving Parts? I’m only finding Range Rovers and Mercedes… everywhere… still! Though I did find the Honda S2000 twice at launch. Is there supposed to be a 2nd wave of these?

      Sorry, I’m getting off track. The actual Moving Parts line, I’ve never seen. Who’s supposed to be carrying these? I’m definitely interested in the VW Fastback. The Ford Coupe is interesting, but not really what I collect. The Renault Trezor is right up my alley, but I’ll have to wait to see it in person. The execution is not looking too impressive from the above photo. The Buick looks well enough done, but is not for me.

  6. And with only four new models in the rarely distributed, tiny eight-count cases, the first two collectors lucky enough to arrive after the set is pegged ( or rude enough to open the case before they are) will have the satisfaction of finding all of them, instead of just the first one.

  7. I just wish this “Moving parts” becomes standard line, just scrap that 1-100 garbage, i know it may sound harsh to say the least, but compare these beauties to standard ones and in all honesty which one will You choose huh ? What im trying to say is that i’m hoping that “moving parts” is here to stay also for 2020 – 2021 and so on…. and maybe, just maybe they get smarter in the meantime and make moving parts a standard line 🙂 even if it means phasing out 1-100 gradually. As for the Buick this comes as a surprise, was it even previewed for 2019 before ? I can’t recall that one, Ford coupe either, but they are rare and cool so i can’t wait till i grab them as soon as possible. As for the Renault well …. the only cool thing about it is how it opens, apart from that just another concept car from outer space. VW is very nice but it’s just a re-color so it’s natural that Buick and Ford steals the show. Both Buick and Ford coupe has that WOW factor ! WOW !

    1. Maybe if mattel didnt play god to this brand and kept at 75. Maybe these opening parts and non generic would be in as a standard mixed bag. With the brand up to and was funding 125 near all generics is what put retailers off stocking here. Shops of pegwarmers. Why was this brand dumbed down? It Out sold hotwheels at one point during the golden era! 2012 onwards again went backwards. Hero city era?…?well!!…. just a yoyo sadly. 65 and 50..HA.HA😂 killed the brand here in the uk. Make way for the slippery half bro hws. Pegwarms here. To many generics too. 365?…cut that back?

    2. Don’t see why not. Matchboxes are probably the only thing in a store that costs the same today as it did in the late 1970s. Because of inflation, the value of the dollar is weakening, and so are Matchboxes to stay at that price point.

      Besides, generics don’t sell. Stores everywhere are loaded with Tree Luggers or whatever it is; with several other generic castings no one wants. Ones like Skidster or Hazard Squad are OK, seeing as they closely resemble real-life vehicles.

      1. Yeah some of the generics were ok. Such as the flatbed king ,glass king and as you mentioned etc…. The brand has turned its head somewhat from 2345 years ago , 2016s red and yellow train thing …. Garbage gulper kingy thingy and fantasy 4×4s in crap colours like that for example….. This years line up is of more licence cars and etc. However I’ve just lQQked at photos…. But some are v good and could sell well. As again no sod can get them. As above it just gets to me why the hype?! These should not be a separate line as ++++++!!!!!! 2019 should be mixed in with the mainline….. 75….75…… Or to keep at 100. Do two versions of a popular , one serious and the other where the designer can do what his\her design and shout outs etc. Too many have been one hit wonders…… Never to be used again. Example Volvo v60 should have done more in different regional tastes…….just hope our Tesco ain’t a flop and charge 2 times more than a Hotwheels. That was another stinger which never went mbxs way sadly. Under cutting its own brand!!!!… As we were paying up to 3 times more than USA for the same red and yellow train!!!!.

    3. you clearly have not bothered to look at what models are released in the 1-100 range – For you to say they are garbage shows how wrong you are – totally and utterly – **SIGH**

      1. **SIGH**….. It is boring now😮…. Mr mower….Just to let you know Home bargains has stocked more Jurassic world various again at 99p… May fill an mbx hole for some?… A Tescos 100 years MBX selection pack would be a great opening in August?!…would be a good idea…kick the brand up!!!…. But we will see what comes as a surprise….or won’t….

    1. I believe it was cancelled due to some disagreements between Mattel and SAIC the owners of the MG marque.

      1. It was postponed because SAIC didnt like the casting, as it was not perfect – it should be back maybe next year.

  8. Nice to see pictures of what I will likely never see on the pegs. It’s just depressing seeing these write-ups anymore, the state of Matchbox collecting is pretty much dying out for me, so difficult is it to get anything in store. Really sad.

  9. Love the Buick! I hope to find it so it can be added to my Buick cars I have now. The Ford looks interesting as well. I like the VW but like the one they came out with is keeping my interest for now.

    Tp be honest I am having a great time hunting down older castings in the used market that cat be hard to find. I found the first edition of the Toyota 2000GT at collectors market for $2.00 in vvery hood shape.

  10. Nice-looking cars! I am looking forward to the Buick, Ford, and the V’Dub. The only one I won’t look after is the Renault Trezor, as I’m more of an olde school guy. 😎

  11. The ugly dull grey bumpers are back, which means I’ll likely pass on these. It’s a shame, I quite like the Buick and the Ford castings, but I can’t justify forking over four Canadian dollars for a car lacking chrome.

  12. For the record, the ’36 Ford is in fact a very famous custom car. Based on a ’35 Ford Phaeton lengthened 304mm with a chopped Carson-style top, custom hand-made grille, custom ’36 Cadillac bumper, hidden headlights and the first Du Vall V windscreen, the car was built by George Du Vall and Frank Curtis for Leonard DeBell of So.Cal Plating in 1936. By all accounts, last seen in LA in 1963/64.
    Many thanks to Matchbox for perpetuating the legend in model form which is definitely headed into my collection.

  13. Matchbox is dying on its feet in UK. Doesn’t anyone at Mattel care? Jack Odell will be spinning in his grave – what..not on sale in Britain??! WHAT?? Even long time collectors are giving up – I’m not going to pay £5 for a mainline imported from somewhere else, so I’m soon going to stop caring…another colour of a previous casting – who cares at that price? Or is this deliberate merchandising – starve the shops and end up back with mail-order only? I appreciate the info given out here, but yes, it just gets annoying to read about stuff you’ll never see on sale.
    PS the MGB died due to licensing issues as far as I know.

    1. At least Matchbox is returning to the UK in August via Tesco. Whether they stock this series is of course debatable

  14. 🎶Crappy dull gray bumpers, crappy dull gray crap….🎶
    What an insult even for children. They don’t want cheap looking dull gray bumpers & neither do us collectors.. especially for a premium line or for a line a step above basic stuff.

  15. No way!!! That Riviera is Awesome! I’d prefer the hardtop buy still it’s really cool! I also love that 36 Ford! That’s just so classic!

    1. Yeah, man.. that Riv is cool, and it would be awesome to have the hardtop myself, but i’ll take it..
      if I can find it!

  16. Distribution on these is lacking to say the least. Mattel is not doing a good job on selling these at retail outlets. These cars are nowhere to be found and the stores once they sell through show no interest in ordering more. Stores are probably more concerned with filling up pegs with higher price points, because of the value of toy aisles in maximizing profit. Nice cars, but when you can’t purchase them, I stop caring about therm.

  17. In my region, all of the Walmarts receive a case or two (with only eight pieces inside each!) at roughly the same time, sell all eight or all but one or two of the duplicates in a few hours, and then the pegs sit empty for two or so months until the next case comes. I’m not sure it’s a matter of the stores not ordering them.

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