You have seen the Hot Wheels id Cars, now here is the Smart Track.

My guess is a few of you are already have the track. Since the word spread this morning that Hot Wheels id had arrived, there has been a lot of action. Many of you went right to the event in Southern California, other went right to their local Apple Store.

Since I made the preview videos, I have learned a few things. Apple will has exclusivity to HWid through June. The Android App and other retailers will start carrying HWid around Amazon Prime Day. I also learned that the first mix consists of 8 models, and one – the Viper – is an Apple exclusive. Three of the models I feature, the GT-R, Miura, and Pagani, should in the second mix, which should fall within Apple’s exclusivity.

And there are a lot more cars coming, many collector-aimed. So we are not done with HWid.

Many of you are also discovering there are several ways to enjoy the cars. One way is in the same you have always enjoyed Hot Wheels cars. Let’s be honest, many of these will end up in my collection sitting next to their basic counterparts. You can also create the car’s id on the HWid on the app and race it there. And if you are not ready to drop $180 on the Smart Track, the Portal will accomplish a whole lot with standard track, and is a measly $40.

But that track. It is something. My daughter and I dove in, had a blast figuring it out, crashed a few cars, and of course filmed it.

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  1. Awesome hotwheels ID series track set you open up and you reviewed congrats. 👍I pick up today a couple of the cars today at my apple store. 👍

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