Tomica Limited Vintage just unveiled the next set of Ferraris. And Civics. And Evos. And Pajeros. Yes, Pajeros.

Oh TLV set things off today.

We TLV nerds were wondering when the next set of Ferraris would be unveiled. That was today, and the next set, a Testarossa and 512TR, will drop in September.

80’s madness, these two. My guess is they will be released later in September, after the standard September Release. And Ferraris be damned, check these out. Brand new Civics, Mitsu Evos, and a pair of Pajeros!

These will be available for preorder on Japan Booster soon, and I will be sure to let you know here. Let the buildup begin.

6 Replies to “Tomica Limited Vintage just unveiled the next set of Ferraris. And Civics. And Evos. And Pajeros. Yes, Pajeros.”

  1. I’ll just have to resign myself to staring wistfully at pictures of TLV. Just too expensive. I’m not saying they’re not worth the money, just that I can’t afford them, sadly.

    Also, regarding the ” ’80s madness” comment…I’ll be a huge nerd here and point out that the 512TR, while based on the very ’80s Testarossa, was produced from 1992 to 1994…so, not ’80s. Thanks, I’ll see myself out now 😉

  2. I miss the obscure early Japanese cars that comprised most of the early TLV releases. (Fifteen years ago…yikes!!!)

    The world has more than enough Ferrari models.


    1. They are still doing plenty of those. Even this release has two older bluebirds as well as newer stock models few producers make (like the Civic and Pajero (Montero)).

      I agree on the Ferrari, but it is cool to get a TLV treatment of my favorite Ferrari (Testarossa in red). It is will be better than the Kyosho I have.

      That said, I hope to see them do more station wagons and SUVs and vans. That would be awesome. I really wish they’d do some older, normal European cars too. Station wagons and sedans and hatchbacks.

      1. Some more BMW’s would be nice, maybe the non M3 E46 3 series (I own an Oxford Green 318ci).

  3. Ordered the set today! These are the most accurate Ferrari models in 1/64 to date, and will look stunning in the display case. TLV has been honoring the Italian marques wonderfully over the past couple years – Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat, and now Ferrari. The collecting world is so much better for it.

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