Showcase/Unboxing: Hot Wheels Larry Wood 50 Years 10-car set

The new Larry Wood 50 Years set hit Walmarts in a big way last week. A few friends let me know, and the hunt was on. Fearful that a gold Boneshaker would make finding a complete set near impossible, I was shocked to actually find a sealed case at a Walmart as I was heading out of town. The nice toy manager let me grab it (one of each model in every case) and that allowed for a full feature. Enjoy the in-store video – with some M2 and Matchbox highlights mixed in – along with the full feature below.

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  1. Cheap plastic gray bases .. say goodbye to chrome and more usage of cost cutting dull gray plastic! It’s a very sad, sad situation for not only collectors, but also for children as well … it’s like Mattel is ‘dumbing down’ the economy product line not just for MBX, but for Hot Wheels as well.

    I hear how some say big box stores like WM or Target force Mattel to produce a product to fit within the ” $1 ” price point so the manufacturer has to comply and shave details which would otherwise conflict with bean counters plans. It’s not just cheap looking to have this replacement plastic that’s dull & mundane, it’s also a practice that hasn’t been seen before with economy (i.e. Mainline/Basic) product lines for diecast toy vehicles from high profile companies like Mattel.

    I guess chrome plating will eventually be phased out to meet demands of top retailers because it runs into cost issues. It doesn’t matter what the product looks like or what they’re made of or if it doesn’t even appeal to kids & collectors alike.. the only thing that matters is that inventory is flying off the shelves of Walmart & Target because it’s all about revenue & profit!
    I hate that it comes to this type of dealing but Mattel is bending over for these retail stores because it’s all about the bottom line!

    1. Pretty much saw a whole set in a WM earlier… so I just grabbed the classic Bone Shaker & Rodger Dodger because they seemed like treasures IMO. The ’32 looked neat but left it w/the others.

      After reviewing them in the video again, i now wished i grabbed a couple of the others because they seem unique & different. They always look good on the turntable!

  2. Last Sunday I saw some at Wal-Mart. Only 5 of the ten were there, but the cards were really trashed. Hopefully I’ll see more soon because they looked really cool.

  3. These aren’t really my cup of tea, both in terms of castings and decos, but I can appreciate them for what they are. I know there are a lot of die-hard Boneshaker fans out there, and I have to say that’s the most eye-catching of this set, really cool in frosted gold, and the metal base is a nice touch. I saw a couple of these in store (including the Boneshaker, which surprised me as well) but passed them up; better to leave them for someone who’s really into these.

  4. I have not seen these at any of my local Walmarts. That’s OK, because they’re really not my thing. The card art sure looks nice on these though. Looks like marker and chalk design sketches. They really pop on those white backgrounds. Kudos to the packaging team.

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