Check out the upcoming Hot Wheels Subaru Impreza WRX STi 22b

Always nice when the Hot Wheels Design Team drops a little surprise:

When Hot Wheels released the Bugeye Subie in Car Culture, it seemed the most common reaction was “What about the 22b?”. The Bugeye definitely needs more love, but that question has now been answered.

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  1. I love the bugeye, and I’m also an Evo fanboy, but this is simply on another level. Most beautiful looking Impreza ever made imo.

    Everything is perfect about this casting – the proportions, the stance, the wheels, the fog lights, the bonnet scoop, the big wing…. It’s just stunning! One of the very few models I’ll rate 10/10. For an under $2 mainline this is as close to perfection as anyone will ever get.

  2. That new Subaru imprezza WRX STI 22B coming out is awesome. 👍I will be on the hunt for this one and I can’t wait to add this one to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  3. Damn that’s a nice casting! I love it! Being a fan of JDM, this definitely fits the bill! Just like Blackwind mentioned, everything about this car is perfect! I’m assuming the rear is detailed since it’s a clean livery with no side tampos. I’m sure the Design Team will drop more pictures but I couldn’t be more excited about this one! It’s also nice to see it debut in the mainline as oppose to more expensive Car Culture or Premium lines! This will definitely be one of my most favorite new castings this year!

    1. I answered my own question about the rear end detailing. I didn’t see the arrow at first to scroll for the next picture of the rear. Now I’m convinced, this car is perfect!

  4. I really want to gripe and complain about how worn-out this JDM phase is… but I’m pretty sure my eyes just got bigger when I saw this picture. WOW this is beautiful and I really hope to see a rally livery on it down the road too. This is top work Hot Wheels! Could you make some Lancia Delta’s or 037’s while we are on the subject? Just asking for a friend… 😉 I doubt any new castings will top this for a very long while.

    1. I really wish they took a better look at brazilian cars. We already have the VW SP2, the VW Brasilia and the “Chevrolet SS”, (which is our Opala), but there are lots more that can be done. Look up for the Puma and the Miura (not the Lambo).

    2. Basically, that’s my thought. And the model is not over the top at all, and the wheels fit it perfectly .

    3. I can’t imagine I’d ever gripe about too much JDM, but I am grateful the team at Hot Wheels is giving attention to some other great Japanese cars that don’t start with the word Sky and end with line.

      And yes, I absolutely agree. Bring on the Lancias and other 80’s rally greats; Citroen, Peugeot, Ford RS200…

  5. Now if they would do a Mitsubishi lancer evolution 6 T.M.E to compliment it!

    That aside I really do hope the hotwheels team pay homage to colin mcrae and do it in a premium release with 555 sponsorship. In other-words bring back the WRC licence and do some rally cars in authentic liveries, the backroad series is naff compared to the rally car set from 2004.

    1. I highly doubt they’ll ever do an actual 555 livery considering it’s a tobbaco sponsor, but they’ll probably do the Team Subaru livery that was inspired by the 555 livery eventually.

  6. Why didn’t they tampo the fog lights? Great model overall, Love It! I second @subaruhess: Rally Premium; they already have the Escort RS1600, Renault R5 Turbo, they can do a metal base for the recent Audi Quattro.. what’s the fifth for the set?? Ken Block Fiesta?

    1. No need for Fiesta. We have Citroen C4 WRC (UNDERRATED), Mini Countryman Rally, Evo 7 WRC, Impreza WRC (even the bugeye will work with a rally livery), Ford Escort Rally. And if they’re going to do new models then Lancia 037, Delta, Evo 3, Evo 4, Evo 6 TME, Toyota Celica, Ford RS200… list goes on xD

      1. Yes, yes & yes please! The Lancias, RS200.. full rally decos & card art. We’re waiting!

      2. And the Peugeot 205 t16 evo2 with full whale-tail, or even metro 6r4.

      3. How could I have forgotten the Unimog U1300 (from Street Fighter).. Paris-Dakar deco!

      4. @aubrey; Current premium unimog would need retool to add outer rollcage and front bar, I wouldn’t group it with the likes of rally cars anyway. I personally would prefer an ALL group b rally car premium set: peugeot 205, audi quattro, lancia 037(or the s4), ford RS200 & metro 6R4!

  7. That Subie is hot! A near perfect rendition with just the right amount of How Wheels flair. And what other color would you debut it in other than blue and gold? Love it!

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