Previewing upcoming Hot Wheels Basic Models with the HW Design Team

So let me describe the setting.

A room full of boxes, literally stacked from floor to ceiling, with old tables laid out for whatever the current task requires the volunteer staff’s attention. The room is in a constant state of flux, with carts moving in and out for the next event. It is essentially an unofficial gallery for all the cool stuff associated with Nationals.

But I am here with a job to do. In a far corner is a series of displays, with a few cars in various states of completion “stickied” to them. They are the Hot Wheels Boards, the displays the Design Team brings to show upcoming models. Members of the Design Team are with me, and clear some space on one of the old tables and get to work.

We are filming previews.

It is SUPER COOL that the Design Team does this. They are busy at these events, being pulled in every direction. But they took a few minutes to sit down with me and discuss the models on the boards, give a few details, and speak to the background of each. It is something us nerds love, and they know it, and oblige. They are a treat to film, and hopefully to watch.

This time, Designers Brendon Vetuskey and Manson Cheung joined me, along with Marketing Manager Jimmy Liu. All of us were tired, there was some incessant teasing involved – much more when the cameras aren’t rolling – but we all had fun geeking out for a few minutes.

We did three videos. One for Premium, one for RLC, and one for Basic. Part 1 is Basic. The next two parts are coming soon.


4 Replies to “Previewing upcoming Hot Wheels Basic Models with the HW Design Team”

  1. Wow all of those new 2019 hotwheels basic cars coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  2. God, that jeepney-rod will be one to have. They have GOT to make millions of it. Like, every 3-pull in a case has one jeepney, for the next 7 cases.

    It is, sadly, a bit out of scale (in real life, a jeepney’s hoodline is right arove a ’15 Mustang’s beltline), a little too short (real jeepneys can seat as much as 24 people in the main cabin), and has a plex roof (one of the defining traits of jeepneys is that they’re usually made of sheetmetal all round), so it probably wouldn’t be right up in the penthouse like the Chiron or 300ZX, but the fact that someone back at Design decided to make one is reason enough to have every release.

    I implore this site: do a custom contest featuring that casting. Jeepneys in the Philippines often have wild graphics, and now that we have one, I want to see what the greater custom community can do. Jeepney-gasser? Baja jeepney? Dekotora jeepney complete with lights? A freakin’ limo? The possibilities are endless.

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