Oh this no tampo Gasser is rad.

Just thought I’d share.  Wheel Collectors pulled this from their latest shipment.  I tried to get it.  I lost.

They did put it on eBay.

What is it about no tampo models that is so cool?

4 Replies to “Oh this no tampo Gasser is rad.”

  1. What is it about no tampo models that’s so cool? The fact that you can see the character lines and the actual body of the car instead of it being smothered in tampos. Plus on some cars it makes it look stock. Less on the eyes. That’s much better.

  2. That is too cool. The only error I’ve ever found on a premium model didn’t have to do with the car itself…it was a Cool Classics vehicle mounted on the card of a different Cool Classics model. The only no-tampo errors I’ve ever seen were on mainlines.

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