Lamley Poll: What was the best Hot Wheels PREMIUM New Model in 2018?

Now it’s serious.  The heavyweights have made their way into the building.

The Lamley Awards Polls continue with Best Hot Wheels Licensed Premium New Model, and you have to pick one.  Only 9 models, but they are powerhouses.  Several from Car Culture, a couple from the RLC, and a monster from Entertainment.

So what will it be?  Watch the video and vote below.  Good luck.

Have at it:

18 Replies to “Lamley Poll: What was the best Hot Wheels PREMIUM New Model in 2018?”

  1. I am not a JDM fan but still couldn’t go past the Cargo Carriers’ C10 wagon for execution, detailing and colour. Second and third for me are the Hi-Po Hauler and the C210 respectively.

  2. How do you leave the other Haulers off this poll? The Sakura Sprinter, Retro Rig, Fleet Flyer, and the Van for the Advan Wagon? Don’t they deserve their due as well?

      1. Ooooohh…that makes sense. I never looked at the packaging that in depth to realize that they were purely non-licensed vehicles. They certainly look like vehicles that existed from some automaker at some point.

    1. The Sakura Sprinter is SOOOOOO close to a vintage Mitsubishi Fuso T951…wish they actually would have made it licensed. Classic JDM trucks need love, too!

  3. Maybe their should be an awards for premium non-licensed models as well. That sakura sprinter is an adorable throwback model truck from the 70s

  4. The 787B juuuust edged out the C10 Wagon for me. I still need to fix the wing on mine too. Do you just submerge in hot water, take it out and hold the wing in place till it cools back down?

    Anyway, the C10 Wagon is one of those models that really scratches my wagon itch (which never goes away), and it definitely joins castings like the Matchbox RS6 Avant and AutoWorld Buick Estate Wagon as one of my favorites.

  5. Oh, and another thing…I’ve yet to see the Forza set anywhere at all, when did that first start dropping? I’m wondering if it’ll show up at all.

    1. I just found a single Forza Lamborghini at Walmart last week. No sign of any of the others in the case. And trust me, I scoured up and down that aisle. I’m not as worried about these, as I believe they are just beginning to hit stores. My question is where are the Team Transports! These should have been out for awhile now and I’ve yet to even find wave 1.

  6. Logic says I should be voting for the Silvia or the R8 since I love tuners and supercars. But the classics beat them to the punch, and none better than the Skyline van. The way its built, the paint quality, the stance, the incredible details all around.. its just gorgeous. Not just a gorgeous Hot Wheels but a gorgeous diecast model in general. The C210 Skyline and Laurel follow close behind for the same reasons, and then the Silvia. The Silvia would have got my vote if it didn’t have the ugly design and different wheels and maybe even different colour. I’ll be waiting to see a plain version in the future. Until then, the Skyline van wins.

  7. I would have voted for the 787B if it was in the Renown livery. But it’s not so I was disappointed.
    I haven’t see the Silvia in person, but I am disappointed with the graphics. I like everything else about it.
    The Skyline van is well designed, but the axles are too short and the proportions look all messed up when looking at it from the front or rear. It’s too low for the execution.
    I like the C210 a lot, the only complaint is that the color is just ok.
    Ultimately, the only one that I can’t find fault with is the Laurel. It’s dang near perfect. Color, stance, everything. Nothing disappointing at all.

  8. Its gotta be the hi-po hauler. There is sooo much detail in this thing its ridiculous. Full motor and tranny. Fully custom one-of casting. Even the belts on the engine were painted!! It’s those little details that make the difference between a good model and an excellent model.

  9. Haven’t seen the Silvia or Mazda in person so not voting for them. Hopefully they will show up soon as they look amazing. Can’t believe the R8 is not getting more love. I love that casting. With that said, I have to go with the Skyline C10 Wagon’s. Can’t decide which one I like more. They are both amazing looking. And this is coming from someone who is not really a wagon guy. Hope they keep doing this one.

  10. This is seriously the hardest thing to vote on. I went with the laurel because it’s such a cool car that screams amazing classic jdm, and it is easily the least likely to have been made .

  11. There is just no way I can bring myself to vote for any of the Nissans with those ridiculous tiny little clown-car wheels. I’m not too crazy about the debut color choices, but otherwise the castings themselves and the detailing are top notch. The Hi Po Hauler and VW Rockster are two models with fantastic detailing, but unfortunately this detailing was “wasted” on vehicles I do not like in the least and therefore cannot vote for. The Silvia is a nice casting let down by ugly graphics and hideous plastic-looking wheels. *Mattel, please learn that “gold” plastic does not work and is not believable. Also, the attention to detail is just not there in comparison to those mentioned above. I’m still hoping for a clean, relatively stock version someday.

    What I do like is the Audi and Mazda race cars. My vote for best premium model of 2018 goes to the Mazda 787B. It was rather unexpected, it has the nifty removable engine cover, it has a classic 1991 Le Mans livery and other than a wayward wing, the details are quite nice. The Audi is an exciting car with a lot of deco, but unfortunately, somehow manages to come up a notch or two short of the finer details bestowed upon the Japan Historics and Team Transport models.

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