HW Fast & Furious is coming. Here is the S15 Silvia.

Here is my promise: I am going to show the cars.  Hopefully preview a few like I am today.

Here is what I can’t promise: That I will get all the Fast & Furious references right.


This car is called the Mona Lisa.  I know because I saw it in the comments on Instagram.  I can’t even remember what movie it is from.  I have seen the movies, and I really enjoyed them, but probably for reasons different than many.  A good campy movie that consists of overbulged muscles, bad dialogue, and 60-mile airport runways is a great way to spend an evening.  The cars are the bonus.

So I remember a lot of the cars from the later movies, but not from the earlier movies.  But I do know that Mattel is VERY serious about this set, and there is some awesome stuff coming.  If you have wished it, there is a very good chance you will see it in this line.  And I plan on covering it if Mattel continues to let me.

They did let me take pics of the S15 Silvia.  And it was pretty cool.  Sadly I didn’t have the Forza Silvia at the time to take comparison pics, but that isn’t a huge deal.  I am sure we will all be able to do that soon.

For now, enjoy.


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  1. I haven’t seen the movies, but I’m excited about these sets. I do have a few of the other Hot Wheels FnF, but the premium treatment will be appreciated, especially looking forward to the Escort. I also prefer stock or really minimal decos, so it’s no surprise I think this Silvia is hideous! The Forza deco is a bummer, too..

  2. It’s han’s car in the early scene of Tokyo Drift and I thought it looked awesome the first time I saw it, and it still is now. I customized the earlier hw Silvia from 10 years ago, but it never looked right. The window is too small, the shape is too rounded and blobby, it looks like a toon car. Now, Hw finally got it right, with volk te37 wheels, and metal base.

    1. The roof is chopped, just like the real car the earlier S15 casting is based on. HW actually got both S15 castings ‘right’, the first one just doesn’t imitate a stock S15.

      1. Thank you for the info, guess the first one was not that popular modifications, as I haven’t seen it anywhere on media.

  3. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this set. Not only are they cars from the movies in premium treatment, they’re also childhood. I grew up watching these movies! And I love the fact that they retooled their S15 Silvia instead of using the crappy one from 2006.

    It’s too bad what happens to this car in the movie. Sean just destroyed that poor car trying to prove a point against D.K. But the car did do him a favor later in the movie when they decide to take his dads project ’68 Mustang and drop the S15 Silvia motor in it. Hopefully they’ll release the Mustang in a second batch if this set is successful.

    1. And Dom’s red rx7!!! Damnit, what the hell are those people at creative dept doing? It is a slam dunk shot, and they’re too dumb to do it. I mean the casting is already out in several recolors!

      1. Will you f***ing stop crying about that bloody RX-7?? Your comments all over the recent Fast and Furious posts make you look like an immature idiot, not a collector who’s requesting for a new car. Stop spamming.

  4. Looks much better than the Forza version. The chrome wheels give it a premium look which the Forza lacked. I really love the paint job too! They did a nice job on this. Now that I’ve seen these photos I might have to change my mind on whats my favourite 2018 premium new casting! Cause this is so perfect!


  5. Forza looked good to me in pics, but looks too ‘busy’ in hand. Don’t care for this one either, but alas maybe it will look different in person. This is an *absolute knockout* casting waiting for a deco that will do it justice (specifically: headlights, taillights, door handles… badges maybe. The cleaner the better). Should definitely let the marketing guy hustle his pet projects through the design guys more often. I identify with the installed car seat as well…

  6. Aubrey is trying to collect these JDM cars but have not watched the F&F movies? For shame!!!!! HW should release some Initial D or Wangan Midnight cars.

    1. That first edition fd yellow RX7 from initial d is already out. Why they don’t think of creating dom’s red rx7 is beyond me!!!

      1. I was with you for awhile there, thinking how incredible it would be to get a premium release of the FD RX-7 in red. Being F&F, I should have known better. Now that I’ve looked this movie car up, I can say I seriously hope they do not waste a precious slot on this hideous monstrosity. Here’s hoping the next Cars & Donuts set brings us a proper clean red FD RX-7.

  7. No. Just no. The Forza Silvia S15 is slightly more palatable with a bit less gaudy graphics. An easy, albeit unfortunate pass on this one as I continue my hunt for the Forza set.

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