Car Culture Drag Strip Demons has been restocked at Wheel Collectors.

The first shipment of Drag Strip Demons sold out in less than a day, so here is your chance if you missed it.

Wheel Collectors got their final shipment of Drag Strip Demons and it is going fast, so follow the link:

Hot Wheels Drag Strip Demons at Wheel Collectors

I’ve featured these a lot, and I need to post a few more photos.  But don’t wait for me, go grab a set.

3 Replies to “Car Culture Drag Strip Demons has been restocked at Wheel Collectors.”

  1. $11 per car (if you buy the whole set) PLUS shipping? NO THANK YOU. I’ll keep my fingers (and toes) crossed for finding these on my own and saving a shit-ton of money doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I want these so so badly, but I ain’t blowing $64 to do it.

  2. Right on! I’m going to wait and see when stores stock’em, so it’ll give me an incentive to get me up & early on the weekends. I also get exercise running in & out of stores right when I leave after work, so there’s the jist of my plan .. to go for the hunt!

    When you walk up to the shelving unit & you see something unusual, yet striking … you realize it’s what you’ve been looking for.. that high…BAM!!!! It’s worth my time!

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