The Matchbox Power Grabs go next level with the new artwork.

I haven’t talked a lot about the Matchbox Power Grabs here on the blog.  It was great to see them released a couple of years ago, as it is very appropriate for Matchbox to have some boxed models.

But there hasn’t been much to say about them here, mainly because I typically focus on the models.  But it is time to revisit them again.

The new art that showed up on Matchbox cards a couple of months ago has now made its way to the Power Grabs boxes, and they look fantastic.  More retro than ever to be honest.  Vintage Matchbox box art was great, and this new art seems to pay homage.

Mattel sent me the final mix of 2018.  Here is a look:

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  1. Where will we find these? Walmart seems to have given up on the Power Grabs, and the only other place I ever really found them was Toys R Us…

  2. YAY – more models we will NEVER see, i currently have about 9000 matchbox and hot wheels, but i find i am buying more alternative brands and sizes because mattel are so transfixed with the good Ole US of A that they couldn’t care less about the rest of the world.

    I am sure that they, like a lot of Americans (not all) thinks that the world ends at their coastlines, well it does not, the USA is only a SMALL part of the world, and unlike Mattel, companies are more than happy to expand into other territories, so that they can expand their bottom line and make more profits, or do they not care about making money.

    Their share price has plummeted over the last few years, maybe it is time i invested and ensured that actually do what they are supposed to do, and thats make money….

    1. Why are vintage stuff easier to find (playworn at least) than new models. distribution needs to be seriously worked on as these aren’t Limited edition collectables yet Mattel seems to treat them like they are.

      Also do some more Modern everyday cars Matchbox and that includes Crossovers.

  3. Being English I agree with Amc and Jon Mower that Mattel don’t seem to want to sell their product overseas and increase company profits and give other collectors outside of the US a chance to obtain their models at a reasonable price other than eBay sites where they are outrageously uplifted. Some of the new models are very nice, but the Austin Healey needs a clear windscreen not a blue one.

  4. Well its just as tho Mattel has cut strings from routes and heritage…. It was a normal proud product in our country of origin…. Then HWs blue army swamped everywhere…..mbx now only at ASDA a FOODshop….exclusive Total BS…..And this exclusive brings only D.E.G back to D to date…….mbx are lucky to have anyone show interest at all now, its a shame its being strangled….I’m sure you yanks will be writing and complaining if HWs was a UK based only exclusive……….happy 65th!!!

  5. Bringing back the box was one of the best thing Matchbox has done in years. I really hope they return to a proper flap with a tab that can be closed without the tape.

  6. I don’t understand the point of the Power Grabs…it seems to me the only draw is having a box, but if that’s the point, why make the box non-reusable? You also end up with a bunch of already ripped open boxes from poorly-supervised kids, and sometimes the contents are stolen on top of that. I’m all for having more chances to score some cool models, but there must be a better way to do this.

    1. Less packaging usually means less weight and less cost. Plus, they take up less retail space and are a unique point-of-purchase compared to the hooks of blister packs. And, there is that Matchbox tradition of cars coming in a box. THAT is what I like about them, but your point about the non-reusable flaps is on the money. I really wish they would fix this.

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