Hot Wheels 2019 Mix B has dropped in Australia. Here are some of the models.

Lamley reader Brandon Chan from Sydney, Australia was nice enough to share some photos of his recent find at a local Kmart.  It is the Hot Wheels B Mix, and it looks like it as started nicely where the A mix left off.

As far as I know, the B Mix will be the first with all 2019 models, so there are quite a few to look forward to.  Some definite highlights to be sure.  Thanks Brandon for the pics.

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  1. Aw man, the Quattro. The…the…

    The RX-7 is underwhelming. I get what it’s trying to be but the fact that it’s stock just makes it look half-baked. Skylines galore, huh? Meanwhile I like the apple-crate VW Bug, but it’s the Unimog that I am more intrigued by. While I’m not fan of the red, I do like the graphics, and I might hold over for a recolor.

      1. I’ll be more than happy to take the blame, not that I collect JDM (supercars are more my thing), but because it means that there will hopefully be fewer Mustang and Camaro teeny tiny variants in the mix.

      2. Hot rods and muscle cars had their days a decade ago.. Till now, we still see variants of mustangs and camaros, nobody says Mattel were into muscles too much… Next up should be more euros, so don’t hold your breath…

    1. Hot Wheels goes through phases. This one will play out eventually and the pendulum will swing back in another direction, don’t worry.

  2. I already have about half of these from a recent haul, and I”m really looking forward to getting the other half soon hopefully. I forgot the Audi Quattro was coming, and man it looks like a knock-out! I’m loving that shade of green on the Skyline too.

  3. Kmart? Nope. That would have been Coles or Woolworths supermarket. They’re the only stores in Australia that sell short cards.

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