The McLaren Senna by MiniGT in photos.

Two videos, and then pics.  Start with this:

Chills.  Senna was special, really special, and anything that pays homage to the legend gets a thumbs up from me.  So kudos to McLaren.

And kudos to MiniGT for this replica:

Hot Wheels has one coming too, and I cannot wait to see it finished (we saw a prototype at the Convention, and it will be featured on a video here soon), but the MiniGT Senna is special.  I talk about it in the video, but the casting deserves photos too.

So I took them.  Look for it at hobby dealers soon.


5 Replies to “The McLaren Senna by MiniGT in photos.”

  1. Wow, MiniGT. What a model. Even has a bit of play value, too, though I’d be risk-averse hooning it.

    I have no idea how the Mainline HW version would stack up, but I’ve seen HW be able to make a 1-dollar car look no stranger to something like a Kyosho, as demonstrated by the Huracan Super Trofeo. How would theirs compare to super-premium, I wonder?

  2. Ride height is a little too tall. The actual Senna sits really low. Hot Wheels will probably do it better than Mini GT.

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