This was a first: Knee-deep in sealed M2 cases.

Sometimes you don’t think too much about what you found.  You just find it, enjoy it, and move on.  That happened several years ago when I came across a dump bin at a rural Kmart and pulled not one, not two, but seven Super Ford Focus (Focii?).  It was there, and I enjoyed the find.  Obviously I remember it.

That happened today.  Actually, a bit of a strange find, but a new kind of find for me.  I stopped off at a Walmart after lunch, checked the diecast aisle, and looked up at this:


5 cases of M2.  One opened and four sealed.  I asked the toy manager if I could have a look, and she told me to go for it, and that were two others as well.  Seven cases!?!  I usually only see one per store.


So, I did what any collector would do.  I opened all of them.  Most were Edelbrock, and a couple were Auto-Trucks.  Out of the seven cases?  A ton of cool models, and four chases.


I put all the cases back up on the top shelf, went and thanked the toy manager – she was happy I found a few models to buy – and went on my way.  I doubt I will see that again.  File it under unique find experiences.

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  1. M2 has really bad quality control issues. So many times I see cars with bad fitment or straight up broken or somehow unassembled inside their cases. It isn’t a rare occurrence either. Everytime I go to Walmart there will usually be at least one messed up car.

    1. It’s true, M2 has the worst fit-and-finish quality of any of the major brands. Thankfully, if you visually inspect what you’re buying carefully you’re usually in ok shape. One of the more common issues I’ve run into is bumpers that fall off too easily, but a little dab of super glue usually does the trick. Regardless though, it is frustrating that they can’t put together a sturdier product.

  2. Cool find! I’ve become quite partial to the ’60s Ford Econolines that M2 keeps releasing, I think they’re awesome. There’s a cool Mooneyes one they released recently that I absolutely love.

    They don’t usually keep surplus collector-oriented product on the sales floor, so this is probably just a fluke, but here’s to hoping it happens in my neck of the woods!

  3. I have found 6 cases before in a single location, not a single chase in any of them. Yes, I did open them myself as well. We havent gotten any new cases at that Walmart since and that has been about a month and half ago now.

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