The Masters of Scale, Part 2: Auto World Buick Estate Wagon

September saw the release of two truly significant premium 1/64 models.  The Mazda RX-7 by Tomica Limited Vintage was the first.  The Buick Estate Wagon by Auto World was the second.


The Buick Estate was already significant in that it was the first new casting from Auto World in a long time.  AW is famously slow to roll out new stuff, but all that means is new models are just that much more significant.  And the latest batch saw two new models – a new Impala and this wagon.

This is the third Auto World American Wagon, after the Chevy Kingswood and Ford Country Squire.  Only two castings, but the detail and size of the two wagons instantly made AW a go-to brand for wagons.  That is what made me so excited for the Buick.  And it doesn’t disappoint.


I mentioned Auto World, like TLV, is a Master of Scale.  If a wagon in real life is big, AW will make sure it is big in 1/64.  The Buick is big.  And detailed.


One of those models that would be mistaken for the real thing on any blog NOT having to do with miniatures.  And from a brand, also like TLV, that isn’t afraid to mix in a more obscure model here and there.

We all collect what we like, and I feel like I am in a sweet spot right now.  I keep a small percentage of new Hot Wheels and Matchbox releases every month, I focus on Japanese replicas from M2, and I keep a handful of models from several Asian brands like Kyosho and Tarmac Works.

But I am a near completist when it comes to TLV and AW.  It is just pure fun to see what is next, and what it will look like.  And they aren’t as prolific as other brands, so they are easier to gather.

And wagons like these make AW very easy to collect.

(Find the AW Buick Estate at SURPLUSgoodies.)


4 Replies to “The Masters of Scale, Part 2: Auto World Buick Estate Wagon”

  1. Unfortunately the last time I found an AW was sometime last year and I haven’t seen them ever since. It was a blue ’64 Ford Galaxie 500XL Convertible. My Walmart and neighboring Walmarts don’t even have a section for AW. They haven’t for a couple of years. I even miss just finding the Deluxe series with the plastic bases and wheels. Even those were pretty cool to collect. I don’t think they even make that series anymore, do they? But my money would be on the Premium series like this one if they were available anywhere around here. They’re harder to find than Matchbox which is saying a lot. I refuse to order them online either because I don’t really need them that badly. Finding it in store at reasonable retail price is good enough for me.

  2. These are just fantastic, going really well with my Tomica TLV collection. The true-scale thing means the display case looks just right. I order all mine from I used to make the rounds, burning both gas and time. At times, I loved the hunt. However, I will never set foot in Walmart, so the opportunities to find Auttoworld have dramatically decreased.

  3. I’m in agreement with Stephen above. I’ve given up on finding anything I want at the local big box stores. Too many borderline insane people spending all night picking everything out of the stores and hoarding stuff. If there’s something I want, I can usually find something around the normal retail price online and have it shipped to my house. Many of these outlets are not charging local sales tax, so it’s often a wash between what I would have paid anyhow.

  4. The detail on these is absolutely beautiful! Although I do love wagons, I prefer something a bit more modern and sporty. Does Auto World do anything European or Japanese? I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen American from them and mostly older cars. I’d be all over a Cadillac CTS-V Wagon though!

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