Fall Kmart Collector Days 36-count cases are available online now!

Just a heads up before I get on the plane to LA.  36-count Kmart cases, for the upcoming Collector Day event, are available now on Kmart.com.

You can see the exclusives on the sales page, and there are some good ones.  For now, considering there are so few Kmarts left, grab yourself a case.


9 Replies to “Fall Kmart Collector Days 36-count cases are available online now!”

    1. I could be wrong, but I wonder if they were posted after midnite this morning. If not, when were they posted? Quick sellouts probably due to less stores because of more closures, which have occurred previously.
      Now, when and if cases pop up again for sale.. you probably won’t know when so must be vigilant to keep checking!

  1. What case is it gonna be? Is it Q case with A case first-to-markets? Is it A case with B case first-to-markets? Also, what even are the first-to-markets? They’re not posted anywhere.

  2. No more man, why? Come Kmart and Mattel? What’s the deal? If Sears Hildings got their act together maybe we wouldn’t see so many closures, but they fell behind Walmart!

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