Up-to-Date: Hot Wheels Kool Kombi

I get asked if blogging is all I do.  If it is my actual job.  I wish.  I do have a “real” job.  And for those that are familiar, it does require a decent amount of traveling.

That is changing.  The last few weeks have brought some changes, and I am thrilled that don’t have to go out and wander as much.  I get stay a little closer to home.

Why am I telling you this on a post showcasing the Kool Kombi?  Well, because my new schedule will probably afford me more time to do some of things I want here and on the YouTube Channel, and also to explain why there have been a few videos like this one with just music and no commentary.  I’ve been buried in busy.

I like these Up-to-Date videos.  Call them a Video Catalog of my collection.  I plan on doing more, but as a supplement to what I typically do, like showcases and previews.  Plus photo showcases here.  But they have been replacing my normal content lately, as opposed to enhancing it.  So, enjoy the videos, and take note of the models you still need.

And hopefully get excited about what is to come.  I have one more Up-to-Date video dropping later today.

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