The next batch of Hot Wheels Team Transport is at Walmart. Here is a showcase.

It was a bit of a surprise to hear from a friend yesterday afternoon that he found the new Team Transport at Walmart.  We have seen our friends in Australia finding them, but I didn’t expect to see them here so soon.  Alas, I was near a Walmart, so I walked in and there they were.

So…showcase was in order, and here it is.  Car Culture continues its hot streak:

6 Replies to “The next batch of Hot Wheels Team Transport is at Walmart. Here is a showcase.”

  1. Awesome car culture team transports mix b you open up and reviewed congrats.👍 I will be on the hunt for all 3 of those.👍

  2. Oh lordy, the snake and mongoose pair are STUNNING. And the Porsche is no slouch either. With all respect to the first batch, this has kicked things up a notch. Definitely be looking for these.

  3. Hopefully this second batch will be easier to find than the first. To date, I’ve only ever seen a single set from the first batch. They just don’t seem to be making it to stores in these parts. Which I suppose is fine since there is nothing in batch 1 that really lights me on fire. The MOMO Porsche 962 and transport in batch 2 however is spectacular! I won’t feel ripped off in buying that one.

  4. AUSTRALIA is a big place and distribution is extremely patchy at best….nothing seen in SYDNEY. Your contacts must live close to “where it’s happening”!!.

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