Up-to-Date: Hot Wheels Honda S2000. What other models should I do?

I mentioned I had another Up-to-Date Video Catalog.  This time the prolific Honda S2000. Just when you thought it might slow down, the S2K releases just keep on coming.  Two more this year, and it seems we have had multiple releases almost every year.

Which leads me to this.  What other models deserve a Video Catalog?  Let me know in the comments, and if I have them all, I’ll do it.  If I don’t, maybe I can find someone who does.  I actually will do some at the Hot Wheels Convention if anyone attending wants to bring their entire collection of a particular model.  Just let me know.

Anyway, the always-popular S2000:

2 Replies to “Up-to-Date: Hot Wheels Honda S2000. What other models should I do?”

  1. Nice! What a beautiful model! I try to collect all releases of the S2000 and have pretty much all the mainlines as well as the 10pk exclusive and latest F&F model, but not the Super or convention exclusives. I do love those clean unadorned early releases.

    I have to wonder at this point if we will ever see the Walmart exclusive Honda series here. That was a set I was really looking forward to.

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